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Co-Sleeping: To Do or Not To Do

Updated on February 13, 2013



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When a new baby is born some mothers feel the need to hold and cuddle their baby as much as they possibly can. Many mothers want to co-sleep (where baby sleep with one or both parents). Moms do this to feel closer to their child, or to make sure their child is breathing trying to protect them from SIDS.

The Pros

  • Easier For Breastfeeding Moms

When baby gets hungry during the night all mom has to do is feed the baby in the side laying position. (Where mom lays on her side and breastfeeds baby). This way baby eats and falls asleep while mom is sleeping. This is also easy for older babies as well mom just leaves a breast available and baby comes and finds it. Both mom and baby get more sleep.

  • Comforting To Mother And Baby

Co-Sleeping is also away for mom and newborn to feel a sense of comfort. A mother has her child inside her keeping him or her as safe as she possibly can. The newborn hears mom's heartbeat and was close to mom for 40 weeks. Just sleeping in the same room can help since baby can smell and hear mom close by.

  • Regulates Breathing

When a baby is sleeping next to mom it can help control their breathing. Babies can go twenty seconds before taking breaths however co-sleeping helps keep the baby breathing. His or her breathing flows into yours which helps them.

The Cons

  • Suffocation Hazards

Mothers and fathers have rolled onto their babies while they were practicing co-sleeping. If a mother or father is a heavy sleeper co-sleeping should be prevented. I could not imagine going through such a traumatic event and would not wish this on anyone.

  • Alone Time

During the day when you have been working or taking care of your baby or children you may not want to go to bed with one to. It can be your time to relax and enjoy a nap in your bed spread out or cuddling with your significant other.

  • Need Deeper Sleep

It can be hard sleeping with a baby. Curled around them so you do not roll on them. Constantly waken by every movement and sound your baby makes. Eventually you will fall into a deep sleep; do you want to risk it?

***At the end of the night it is your choice to whether or not you will allow your child to sleep in the same bed as you. As long as you feel safe and know there are risks involved overall.


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    • Ariana Paulins profile image

      Ariana Paulins 3 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for posting this. Co-sleeping has been a controversial topic in "baby world". I personally put my twins in a bassinet. One bassinet is next to me, and the other next to my husband. Even though our babies were not in our bed, they still knew we were in the same room. Great topic, and great article! :)

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      We have our baby with us every night. It's really hard to get a full night's rest but it's worth the trouble.