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Cold Remedies for Infants

Updated on July 20, 2010

This post will give you some recommendations on cold remedies for infants.  It will talk about simple cold remedies such as elevating the sleeping surface, using cool mist vaporizers and saline drops.  It should be said that at any time if you feel you need to take your baby to the doctor follow your gut.  However, if you are looking for some natural cold remedies for infants I will share some things that have worked for me.

If your infant has a cough and is having trouble sleeping at night, what I have done is elevate my son’s crib mattress just slightly so his head is higher than his feet.  You need to be very careful not to elevate the mattress to high and avoid creating any spaces where your baby could get stuck and suffocate.  I usually take one or two ordinary bath towels, roll them up and put them under the mattress.  Depending on where you put the towel determines the steepness of the angle.  I place the towel closer to the top of the mattress.  What this does is help the fluid in your baby’s chest to drain and not just sit.  Every notice when you have a cold yourself that you feel much better sitting up than laying down?  Well the same is for your baby.

Another cold remedy for infants would be to use a cool mist vaporizer.  As most colds occur in the winter when the heat is on in the home, which can dry out the home and leave little moisture in the air.  Setting up a cool mist vaporizer will replace the moisture in the air, which will help relieve nasal congestion. 

To help displace mucus from the nasal passage, you could always use saline.  Get a bottle of infant saline drops and put two to three drops of saline into each nostril.  What this should do is help cause your child to sneeze to help expel some of the mucus and also relieve nasal congestion.  However, if your child is anything like my son who doesn’t sneeze from the drops, do not be alarmed.  If ingested the saline drops should not cause any harm to your child.  However, it is always best read the safety material of the drops to ensure you know of any side effects. 

For coughs and chest congestion I have used Vicks BabyRub.  Again read the product’s safety material for side effects and directions.  This may not be appropriate for all children.  However, I have found with my son that this helps him with chest congestions and helps him sleep at night. 

Another natural cold remedy for infants would be to constantly try and clear the nasal passage of mucus.  This can be done using an infant nasal aspirator.  However, if your baby won’t let you use this on them you can use a tissue, or wait until they are sleeping to try and use the aspirator. 

Finally a really simple cold remedy for infants is actually the same remedy for adults.  Have your baby drink plenty of fluids.  Keeping your baby well hydrated will help keep the mucus thin, which will make it easier for it to drain out of their body.

Hopefully you find this information helpful when dealing with your baby’s cold.  Again these are just a few cold remedies for infants.  I am sure there are more out there, but these are what have worked for me and my son.  If you would like more information about parenting or infants check out How to Relieve Infant Gas, Facts for New Parents and Tips for a New Father.


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