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Collaboration of Generations For A Better Future : An Idea Which Could Mould An Entirely New Destiny!

Updated on May 28, 2015

The Biggest Gap In Modern Times : A hindrance to growth and development

Evolution is the sole reason why human beings have come into existence. There can be no denial for this universal truth but despite evolving into the superior species there are various factors that constantly expand on directions which bog down our growth and development.

Consider a soccer team with a right mix of young energetic players and wise experienced players; it is certainly a gift for any nation or club. Every team sport for that matter needs a good mix of experience and vigour. The main reason behind this fact is because when we work as a team there needs to be co-ordination among every single individual.

Casting this scenario into daily routine lives one can easily find out that there exists a wide gap between youngsters and aged people. This factor has grown into something as humongous as the generation gap. In layman’s vocabulary it means the drastic difference of opinions that lies between two sets of individuals or groups each belonging to different age cadre.

Generation gap between youngsters and aged people
Generation gap between youngsters and aged people | Source

It is a completely natural phenomenon, for every person has their own temperament and ego clashes. While miracles can be achieved with experience and power, the modern world faces the biggest cold wars of all times which is termed under the concept ‘Generation Gap’.

The Tug-of War : Unavoidable Lock of Horns!

One thing that needs to be known as a pre-requisite for this context is that every youngster will face the wrath of time and every aged person was once a teenager in his prime time. Hence it is quite important to understand the different scenarios which exist today and which existed fifty years ago. Today’s world has stepped into being very ruthless and competitive and as a result, kids have been tuned into a more versatile thinking. This practice was quite invisible for the previous generation. This ever-growing conflict is because of several parameters that come into picture.

  • The present generation has a higher exposure to technology. Take for instance a ten year old kid today and contrast his technical expertise with a sixty year old man, Without doubt the kid would know various aspects about gizmos and gadgets. Further the small boy could even outsmart his aged counterpart in operating new machines and devices. This is one major platform where conflicts are born on daily basis.

A ten year old kid attempts to explain texting on mobile to a sixty year old man
A ten year old kid attempts to explain texting on mobile to a sixty year old man | Source
  • Every teenager is addicted to fast food and western delicacies. However this doesn’t go hand in hand with the likes of our elders for they always prefer something which is healthy rather than something which is tasty

Fast Food
Fast Food | Source
Western Delicacies
Western Delicacies | Source
  • More and more teenagers are drifting away from age old traditions and customs which seem to displease their elders for they have lived all their lives believing in its importance.
  • Elders generally have an over protective primitive mind-set towards nurturing their kids, this takes a toll on the freedom requirements and liberty of kids

It is quite important that the children these days create a healthy bond with their parents and grandparents. The sole reason behind this is because of the experience and hardships that the previous generation faced and can serve to be a good learning skill for the present generation. Further the right amount of social education and moral values can only be inculcated by elders which would serve to be an asset for any child.

Do youngsters deserve complete freedom to do things their way?

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Cementing the Relations and Bridging the Generation Gap!

The concept of joint families has far diminished and nowadays kids have been used to living in nuclear families. Another fact is that most couples have only one kid which serves to be a huge drawback in the overall growth of the child. No matter how strong and efficient the kid is technically, there is always a lack of moral guidance. Hence it is quite arbitrary to expose kids to joint families and most importantly visit their grandparents. This aspect would shape the overall development of any child.

Sadly the modern world sees old people being thwarted into old age homes by their kids and this practice has become a fashion and slowly the present generation is starting to lose regard and respect for their elders. As dangerous as it sounds, this practice needs to be curbed immediately in order to create an environment of co-existence between generations.

When grandparents get to see their small little successors, it boosts in them a gust of life and as a result they start bonding more intently with the little ones. This can serve to be a win-win situation for both the parties. Kids can be mentored and taught morals while elders can learn modern technology and “What’s New” that’s happening around them. As a result we can advance towards a more compatible society.

Who is mainly responsible for the massive growth of generation gap?

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Disinfecting Workplaces Effectively : Spraying the Anti-dote of Generation Gap!

Offices nowadays have a rich mix of freshers and veterans. This is mainly because of the fact that with inputs from both the age groups the company can prosper on a larger efficient scale. Take any company for instance and one can find senior employees being assisted hand in hand by youngsters. Academically it is very difficult to compare the graduates of yester years with the fresh graduates. The whole system has changed so drastically that it is quite confusing that graduates from the same discipline are devoid of equivalent knowledge.

Corporate Work Environment
Corporate Work Environment | Source

This disparity can be solved quite easily by a simple procedure. Every department in an office can have a right mix of experienced staff and new graduates, Hence there will be a good mix of experience, Smartness and Energy, A combination which certainly serves to be a winning formula to success.

Ultimately the primary objective of any work-place or learning place is the exchange of knowledge. This can only happen if both the sender and receiver stay in a healthy wavelength. When two people have clash of opinions and ideas there can be no growth either on a personal scale or on a large scale. For sustainable development it is highly important for youngsters to respect the experience that veterans have gained over years of hard work and on the contrary it is mandatory for experienced people to give due regard for freshers, respect their individuality and freedom.

Can any industry prosper without the right mix of experienced staff and new recruits?

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    • readerssquare profile imageAUTHOR

      Readers Square 

      3 years ago from Punjab, India

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very clear cut points and the writer has not minced words when expressing the views..truly enjoyable and interesting article ..!


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