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Coloring pages & child development

Updated on June 2, 2017

Coloring not only keeps the children engaged for a while but also play an important role in the physical and mental development of a child. Now you might wonder how this act of holding a crayon and scribbling over a page can help in the physical and mental development of children. Well, let me tell you that coloring is more than just holding a crayon and scribbling on a paper.

Coloring helps children to gain knowledge:

Coloring books are designed in such a way that they impart the child, with the knowledge about the image he/she is coloring. For example,

  • when the child is coloring pages that ask him/her to color all the animals on the page, he/she comes to know what animals are.
  • When the child colors a page that asks him/her to color objects that are tall/short, big/small, long/short, he/she gains knowledge about different sizes
  • When the coloring page demands the kid to color a particular shape, the kid will learn about different shapes.
  • Some pages demand the child to color a particular image with a specific color (e.g. color the flower red, color the chair brown) and thus the child would learn that color.

So through coloring pages or worksheets, kids get to know about alphabets, shapes size, animals, birds, vegetables, fruits and the list goes on.

Improves hand-eye and hand to hand co-ordination

The act of holding the page or paper with one hand and coloring the picture with the other, sharpening the color pencil, picking a crayon from its box using one hand and passing it to the other, all these actions helps to improve the coordination between the two hands, hands and eyes.

Develops socializing skills and sharing attitude

When two or more kids sit down and color, they would share and exchange their crayons, color pencils and sketch pens with one another and also show others how beautifully they had colored a picture. This would gradually build up their socializing skills and sharing attitude.

Stimulates fine motor development

Fine motor development refers to our ability to use small muscles of our fingers, toes, wrists, lips etc. Kids develop their fine motor skills as they start coloring the pictures. The act of holding the crayons and other coloring tools strengthens the little muscles of their fingers, wrists, and hands. This, in, turn helps the kids to have a strong grip over small objects which would enable them to hold their writing tools properly and as a result, they will have improved handwriting.

Coloring also helps the kids, especially the ones who cannot verbally express their emotions in front of others, to express themselves or to vent out their anger and relieve their stressed up minds. For example, a stressed up or angry child may scribble over the pages (this act of scribbling will slowly calm down the kid) while a calm and happy child would patiently color the pictures. Coloring improves the children’s concentration, prepares them for more structured activities, improves their patience etc. (this list of benefits can go on and on).

Now you know, after play, the next best thing to boost your child’s physical and mental well-being is to let them color and draw. So what are you waiting for? Go, get them coloring books from your nearby store or even download printable coloring pages from the internet and create them a coloring book. Give them a bunch of crayons and images to color and you find them grow well, physically and mentally!


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    • kristoph profile image

      Kris 4 months ago from Earth

      Seriously I wasn't aware that simple coloring pages can be so beneficial for children. I like coloring myself but I'm over 30 now so in best case I'm a child captured in adult's body;) But I hope that at least half of mentioned advantages occures also to me;)