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Confused about my overweight child

Updated on November 9, 2008


I am having a difficult time trying to understand why my child is overweight and what to do about it. I feel for him when he tells me he is fat and that kids make fun of him. I can tell that it is really starting to bother him and I don't know what to do about it or what has caused him to gain so much weight. I tell him that it is just "baby fat" and that it will go away but he just seems to gain more. I have done a lot of reading on this and a lot of the sources say that children are more likely to be overweight if one or both parents are overweight. However, in my case me nor his father are overweight. I have four other children and they are not overweight. I feed them all the same. I am left clueless.

My son's weight was perfectly normal until he was around four, then he just gained 25 pounds in about 6-8 months. (He is seven now.) Mind you, both of my boys are big for their age anyway: heighth and stature. So after this, he just kept gaining. I talked to the pediatrician who says my son is overweight and I ask "What can I do?" He says cut back on sugar and get him out from in front of the television. My son would play outside all day long if you would let him, so I don't think "getting him out from in front of the television" applies. I cut out all sugary drinks, switched to 1% milk, and try to limit snacking. None of this helped. I am still doing all those things, however they just don't seem to make a difference. I talked to a different pediatrician a couple weeks ago who said maybe his metabolism is just slow. Maybe it is, so what can I do about it?

My mom thinks maybe he has yeast overgrowth. My son had tons of ear infections and was on antibiotics constantly. At one time, he was on antibiotics for two and a half months straight. He also had bad asthma as a baby and had to be on steroid type medications for years. I have done some reading on yeast overgrowth and antibiotics and steroids are supposed culprits of causing this. However, when I tried to talk to the pediatrician about this, they looked at me as if I were crazy. Like yeast overgrowth was just some health food store mumbo jumbo. So I have not tried anything to rid my son of yeast overgrowth. I am thinking about starting that now and will try to let you guys in on how this works. Because from what I have read, if yeast overgrowth is a real condition, then he has a lot of the symptoms; weight gain, acting sleepy, problems focusing.

If anyone else out there has had the same problems and has found something that has helped them, please comment below. I do not want my child to continue to have to suffer with this and right now I feel almost helpless in stopping it.


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    • profile image

      Hcb6 9 months ago

      This is so weird I have never heard of yeast overgrowth, my son is over 100lbs and is 46"tall, 8 this month. He too was on steroids from when he was 3-5 off and on. His weight gain started when he was 5. Could you email me at Did you have any success? My son is also wetting the bed still please email me!

    • profile image

      Brooke 2 years ago

      My daughter is 7. She weighs in at 108lbs.

      When she was I want to say about 4 or 5 she was placed on a steroid cream for her mosquito bites as we found she was allergic.

      Ever since then she has seemed to steadily gain weight!!!

      We are working on protion sizes and for activity....

      I feel like something is off though. I can't shake it.

      Please help, any advice?? is there a candid supplement for kids?

      my email is thanks!!!

    • profile image

      Steph 2 years ago

      I have 3 kids 15 10 n 5. None of my kids had weight issued until my ladt one. She just turned 5 and weighs 85lbs. I took her to dr and the dr said her height and weight are proportional. Shes 150% for both height and weight and her BMI is not high so dont be concerned. She has a huge personality and kids dont tease her, thank god. She has a very high condidence even though shes about a head taller and 30lbs heavier than other kids in her class. A kid did tell her she was fat once n she replied well thats something I can always work on but thanks for noticing me, I am happy with the way I am. I think alot of its genetic too and depends on their metabolism. I reduced carbs intake for her and we exercise together in the morning. (Dancing, situps, etc.) And both her and I lost weight together. I was honest with her from the beginning and told her we were going on a diet together. She accepted it and we are enjoying our journey together. Good luck to everyone! If you want to talk sometime email me at :-)

    • profile image

      sara 2 years ago

      my son is almost 15 yrs old and has been overweight since he was a two year old toddler a 50lb two yr old, he was always active so his weight stayed within some limits but as soon as he hit 12 he started becoming less active and playing video games all the time I have to make him take a walk or make him do exercises so that I feel I am helping but truly it does nothing for his weight gain, the dr said he just needs to be more active like an hour a day, we have tried calorie counting, walking a mile a day, 28 day challenge, beach body diet , low carb diets, slim fast diet, just about everything to see what works...he now weighs over 320 lbs. he is tall and he comes from a family with heavy people, but he weighs more than his "big" dad.. my husband was a football player, a big guy 6'1" and 285 at 19 yrs old I am 5'8" and overweight too..we are large framed active big people with big bones big feet size 11 womens shoes size 11 mens shoes. but as children we were not overweight in fact when i was younger i was considered a string bean, we were very active children though..are other two children are adults now our other son is 22 and does not struggle with weight but did struggle at the age the youngest is now our daughter struggles with weight a bit she is slightly over weight but not obese. I get so upset and worried about his health and how he is treated. he is the nicest 15 yr old you could ever meet. He is smart and kind and sensitive. I wish there was a magical answer to this I wish there was an answer at all...but we continue the struggle with weight, and exercise. consistency has to be helpful but I just want the gaining of weight to end, i just want to help him stop gaining. This is the hardest thing as a parent of three that I have had to deal with because I cannot fix it, I cannot even feel like I have made any progress. its so frustrating when I think of myself as a great parent, a loving parent and then someone says well you're to blame if you're kid is overweight. I love all my children I wan them to have the best life they can have and health is number one on our priority list so the struggle will continue until that magic answer reveals itself....

    • profile image

      linda 3 years ago

      Add Your Comment..I love to have some parents help my son is 14 and weighs 285 pound he was given a lot of steroids When he was little and lot of med when he had RSV when he was born I know I'm going to get a lot of criticism from parents but I just want some help my for my son email.

    • profile image

      Lee 3 years ago

      My daughter has had asthma/food allergies since she was around 3 or 4. The doctor began giving her oral steroids for wheezing before she could walk good. Around 4 when she started Pre Kindergarten, she was the tallest little girl. Now she just turned 11, and she is actually the tallest person in school. She is in fifth grade. She's taller than me, and almost her father. Her brother is 13 and she outgrew him years back. Her weight has been out of control for years, and all the doctors have said no is the same thing you all have said, and I am tired of hearing it. No child should be her size at age 11 (well over 200 pounds). It's very frustrating, bc I take her to the YMCA to workout, and we also do Zimbabwe, but yet she gains weight! Nothing works, and her food is limited, but I can't starve her, and I am just lost. My child is growing up and I don't want her to be targeted for something that can be helped, but I just have not found any. Even the specialist did nothing. I know in my heart those steroids did this to my child, I know it!

    • profile image

      Jessi 3 years ago

      My daughter is going for genetic testing next month. I did look into Prader-Willi Syndrome but the only symptom my daughter had was the weight gain. The dr. said that there's something wrong for her to gain the weight but all of the disorders and syndromes usually have developemental delays and she is advanced for her age. I'm hoping having the genetic test will give some answers.

    • profile image

      deepali 3 years ago

      Have any of you looked into genetic testing for Prader-Willi Syndrome? It is one of the number one reasons for childhood obesity. Please look into it. It may help answer many questions.

    • profile image

      Jessi 3 years ago

      My daughter is 3 and weights 70 pounds. She was a normal weight untel about a year old when she started having ear infections every couple months. She was on antibiotics over and over again for over a year. She is 3 now and back on antibiotics for yet another ear infection. She also has asthma and has been on steroids a few times over the course of a year but not enough to be the cause of the weight gain. She has been to a dietitian. She has also been seeing an endocrinologist for the past year. They have done blood work on her 4 times. She has been tested for thyroid problems, diabetes, calcium disorder, metabolic disorders, kidney and liver has been tested, and multiple other tests. The endocrinologist said her test are all perfect. I am at a loss. I was really hoping for some answers with all of the tests they did. I have done a month long food journal and the dr said she is not over eating. She is extremely active. I also have a 4 year old she eats more than my 3 year old and she is way less active and she is a perfect weight. I was at her pediatrician a few days ago for the ear infection she has now and her normal dr was out sick so she seen a different dr and I had to be quite rude to the man. He came in the office and started on me about her being overweight and that I have to put her on a strict diet and make her exercise. This dr knew nothing that we had been threw the past year. When I told him he felt really dumb for opening his mouth. I have found articles that say that using antibiotics to much can cause toddlers and children to be obese but I don't know what to do because when my daughter gets an ear infection she has to be on antibiotics. The dr tried twice to not give her antiobiotics but both times she ended up at the hospital with out of control fevers that took hours for the hospital to get them down. I think it must be some type of metabolism problem but the dr told be she has had all the tests done and there is absolutely no reason for her weight problem.

    • profile image

      letty 3 years ago

      my son is 8. he is wearing a mens small clothes. he is very active (infact, he does not stay still!) I do not understand why he is so big! He eats small meals, has been tested for diabetes, thyroid allsorts, and still nothing! I feel helpless. He gets bullyed a lot at school. Even his teachers dont understand why he is like it.

    • profile image

      greg 3 years ago

      Pls does anyone have a solution...i no all these kids dont have a gene there a way to speed up there metabalism...i think thats the way to go.not exercise. I mean a drug that can be perscribed..any. doctors reading these. A drug than can do this is better than. A life long struggle that ends with so many mental and physcial problem. Issuses

    • profile image

      davis22 3 years ago

      Wow I am at a loss for words. I have an adorable 7 year old son. He started gaining weigh at the end of last summer. He now weighs 111 pounds. He has asthma. I took him to the doctor about two months ago and he told me to change his diet and start working out with him. So we changed his diet to skim milk, cherrios in the morning with sliced bananas or oatmeal that I slow cook (not instant) and I put agava instead of sugar. He has a turkey wrap for lunch with some baked chips, and a dinner of usually a lean protein, veggies and a starch. We walk for about 30 min per evening. Since starting this he has gained about 2 pounds. I have 3 other kids who are completely normal weight. I don't know what to do. I am going to have his blood work done. If anyone has any ideas of what is going on with these children please email me and let me know what has worked for you. My son now wears a shirt when he goes swimming because he feels self conscious about his chubbiness. It makes me so sad. Last night I was looking at our summer pictures at the beach and he had no shirt on and was completely normal weight. I just don't get it. Please HELP

    • profile image

      christina 3 years ago

      Tricia, I responded to your post by e-mail but it came back.

    • profile image

      Tricia 3 years ago

      my daughter is 7 years old and weighs 98 lbs. She has always been tall for her age but around the age of 4 she started putting on weight. We were told it was just baby fat and it would go away. It hasn't and she has continued to put on weight each month. She was always on antibiotics for bladder infections but we found that she was allergic to dairy which was causing the infections. We have taken her off dairy completely and they have stopped but the weight gain continues. She gets upset with her weight cause her friends are very thin and they eat a horrible diet of fast food and she doesn't get fast food. I'm at a loss. I'm begining to wonder if all the medications early in life have a cause to the child obesity?

      Has anyone come up with anything? if you find some information please email me thank you!

    • profile image

      Miranda 3 years ago

      Hi! I am posting late, but I am so happy to have come across this post. I have a 5year old daughter she was 7.5at birth small all the way up until she was 2 when her tonsils and adenoids were taken out for breathing issues, after she was diagnosed with asthma and allergies, she has been on steroids and allergies medicines since her surgery until recently when I took her off almost all of her asthma medicine. The drs continuosly tell me she eats to much sugar or is not active when in fact she is very active soccer, swimming, dance and basketball. I am starting to see similar things to most of our stories, asthma, tonsils and adenoids taken out. I am wondering if this could be a trigger in kids. Ofcourse my daughters dr says no but they also were the ones to out my daughter on adult dosage of steroids at the age of 4. She will be starting kindergarten in a month and I am at a loss. She is beginning to tell me she wants to be like everyone else, why doesn't she look like other kids. It breaks my heart. I do not know what to do.

    • profile image

      shanna 4 years ago

      My daughter is 4 years old and weights 72 lbs and in size 10-12. I don't know what to do. Every one on this page is going through the same thing as I am. When she was 6 month old she had ear infection almost every 3 weeks to a month. Meds after meds and noting work at her 4 month check up Dr said stay off the sugar and more active we've all heard this. Is there any one out there that can give us answer to why 1 child is over weight but our other children are normal size.

    • profile image

      Jade83 4 years ago

      My little boy is nearly 3yrs old and weighs 72lb and is 3"4 tall and growing at a very fast rate. My husband and his side of the family r all big built so maybe it could just be genetics. I was relieved to read that im not on my own and found everyones comments really interesting.

    • profile image

      Pam 4 years ago

      My 10 year old boy is very conscious of his weight too. He gets teased and it really gets him down. It may be genetic as his dad has always struggled with his weight. I feel we can help control our kids weight if we put in the time. I try to give him healthy snacks and light meals often throughout the day. What helps most though is that I have set up a training schedule with light excersises and stretches for an hour every evening. It's a working progress but when we do it together it helps his mood. The difference in his mood before and after is imeasurable because he feels like he has achieved something. The results may be more gradual than he'd like but this positive thinking can help greatly towards him feeling better about himself and that's what's most important after all. As I'm 32 I guess it doing me no harm either. Hope this helps, it helped me.

    • profile image

      Lee 4 years ago

      OMG!!!! my son is fixing to be 9, when he was 5 he put on 25 pounds in about 2 weeks. They ran test and all they found was his blood sugar was 98 and said for his age that means diabetic. We put him on their diet and his blood sugar never changed but he put on even more weight. When we moved we stopped the diabetic doctor as this doctor and a dietician said that he was not diabetic. He is 4' 2" so tall for his age but he weighs 119. I try to cut back on what he eats and the dietician looked over a journal of what he eats and all she could say was to take away the one gator ade he has a day. The rest of the time I push water as it is very unusual for a boy to get bladder infections but he does. Doctor says they are not cause they go away if I push more water with out medication. He uses an inhaler for asthma but I do not use it unless he needs it as I do not want to put all those steriods in him daily. He was a skeleton at age 5 and very under weight and we had been referred to a gastro doctor to see if there was a problem but the weight gain hit before we could go. He has breast also and gets teased bad at school and wants to quit. I have to buy him new pants almost monthly because of the weight gain. I did notice that the more active he is the more weight he puts on, if I let him veg out his weight does not change, over the summer his weight only went up 1 pound once school started he puts on about 3 or 4 pounds a month. He loves salad and veggies and that is primary on his plate, I cook pord very lean no fat on it at all and chicken, we have beef once or twice a month. He has bad back and leg pains all the time and his joints pop. his weight is tight, like firm as a rock not puggy like fat, his legs around his thighs are huge which causes his legs to stay seperated some, he can not run and play with the other kids because of this and sports are out as he slips disc in his back when he tries, we have tried martial arts, wrestling, basketball, you name it. Also he sinks, he is like a rock in water his body does not float at all. He gets dizzy spells and we test his blood sugar and it runs about 87 now so nothing there. My doctor hinted at but then dropped the subject about an MRI to make sure he does not have extra parts if you know what I mean. They have tested his thyroid and it is normal, all his blood work comes back good. I have to find something as he is on his way to be very over weight to where he may not recover from it. His self esteem and outgoing personality are fading with every pound. At almost 9 he has a 32 inch waist or at least he did when we bought clothes before the Holidays. He walked miles everyday over the Holidays as we went to Disney world and were there walking for 12 hours a day and he put on weight, he ate balanced meals and no junk while there. Like I said the more he tries to exercise and watch his food intake the more weight he puts on.

    • profile image

      haze;l 5 years ago

      I have 3 kids 3, 5, and 7. 3 yr. old and 5 yr. old seem fine. They are all active, they all eat the same foods. but my 7 yr. old daughter is 116 lbs. I still can't believe it. she only had a case of bronchitis when she was an infant. never had any other health issues. don't know why her hands swole up when she was a baby and never went back down. the rest of her body just followed in pursuit over time. last year she had an incident at school where she blacked out or fainted for a few seconds while standing in the school lunch line. I took her to the doctor and I hear the same thing over again. need to be more active, cut down tv, cut down sugary drinks, then I try to tell the doctor we do this, and my other kids aren't overweight. so i demand that she gets tested for a thyroid problem or anything else that could cause weight gain when living a healthy life, and the doc tells me make an appt. with the nutritionist and visit on a regular. If anyone knows why this happens, please tell me. I would like to find out if my daughter may have health issues that can be hard to handle as she gets older

    • profile image

      Boongie17 5 years ago

      So happy to find this site! My daughter is 7 years old and it has been a constant battle since she was born with her weight. Went into early labor with her and the hospital scared us into steroid shots to develop her lungs faster, stated there would be no long term side effects.... The were WRONG! At the age of 7 she is moving into a size 14 and weighs almost 90 lbs! After reading this article, I started to research the best way to reduced high yeast levels in the body and found yogurt and garlic seem to be the way to go! So I am going to give them a shot and will post an update!

    • profile image

      Pamela 5 years ago

      I am so happy I found this article! My youngest daughter is going through the same thing, she just turned 9 and is over 100 lbs. I don't weigh my girls, they did that at their father's, who is obsessed with being healthy. I feed my girls healthy food, they are very active and my youngest has a hard time staying still. She has dyslexia and a portion of ADHD, she's on 5 mg of cipralex for her anxiety. It has helped her beyond belief but their father doesn't think she should be on it. She would continuously cry over nothing every single day, be paranoid and angry. Since being medicated she is so happy, rarely gets upset and is so much more focussed. She's never had ear or nose problems, so I wonder where this stems from as well. I'll take her to see an osteopath, and see what they say. I hope to find some kind of solution, she says she wants to be skinny, I just want her to be healthy and carrying around the extra weight isn't good for her. She does sneak snacks, so I make sure only healthy stuff is available. She seems to crave junk food a lot, so it's just not in the house.

    • profile image

      christina 5 years ago

      Im glad I came across this article. I have a 10 year old son who is 5'0" and 143 pounds and gaining!!!! He plays football and skateboards all day if you let him. He to has had his tonsils,adnoids taken out and tubes put in. This is news to me about that procedure causing weight gain espically in families with weight problems. I don't know why his doctor did warn me of that. My husband also has a slow metabolism too. We eat fat free and healthy all the and he still struggles. My mother in law said that her doctors told her that they have a "fat gene" too. But his didn't start until the summer he had the procedure done at about 4 years old in 05. I'm worried and hope eventually he will grow out of this.

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I was googling through the web as a lot of you have when I found this. I have 4 children 3,5,7 and 9. They all eat healthy and eat the same meals. But my 9 year old son is 102 lbs. He is ADHD and on Adderall. Which is weird that he is gaining rather than losing being on the meds. He too had his tonsils and Adenoids removed when he was 3 due to constant ear infections. He was always thin until about 2 years ago he got slightly heavier. I thought he would grow out of it but every time he goes to get a med check every 3 months he had gained 4 to 6 pounds more. I just came from the doctors with him today, I get the same response every time cut sugar, tv, exercise, and junk. But never get an explanation as to what made him get heavy in the first place. With him being ADHD he is always up moving around and sometimes hardly wants to eat. I am on my search for an answer as well but relieved to see that My son is not alone in this fight.

    • profile image

      Kelli 5 years ago

      I know this is a fairly old thread, but am hoping to gain some insight into my daughter's condition. She is 9 1/2 years old and weighs 104, which puts her on the borderline of overweight. The problem is that she continually gains weight, even while growing taller. Same as many other people's comments here, we are a healthy-eating family with little sugar, little TV time and try to keep active. I have two other kids who are not overweight. The biggest concern about my daughter is that her abdomen is so very large in proportion to the rest of her body! She looks 7 months pregnant. I too have heard the same things from doctors in that she needs to eat less sugar, be more active, she has a slow metabolism, etc. I just can't let the issue die at that. There's got to be more to it. I've had blood work done for thyroid and hormones, gluten and other food allergies, but it has all come back fine. Another issue I am dealing with with her is that she has Asperger's (mild autism) and therefore I'm afraid she'll never get that sense of "I need to do something about this" as she gets older. My number one priority is her health and well being, but she also already has so many cards stacked against her, I don't need her weight being one more issue for her to deal with socially! It is so painful as a mother to not have an "answer"! I too have wondered about yeast overgrowth but have done nothing about it, so I am curious to know results of any trial with this. Any help or kind advice will be welcome.

    • profile image

      Amber 5 years ago

      im in the same boat my 5 year old son weighs 77 pounds but he is pretty tall but still overweight he is also very active!! idk what to do!!!

    • profile image

      Geno 5 years ago

      I stumbled across this site because I was trying to figure out why my 6 yr old is overweight (65 lbs). I am humbled now because there are others out there whose kids are really struggling with this issue. My son plays outside from morning until about 8 at night when I have to beg him to come in. He also was on steroids from newborn until around 5 but now he is doing better. We thought at 1 point he had asthma but once we moved and he got a little older everything cleared up, even his eczema. I am praying that you all find a solution to your problem with the kids as well as myself.

    • profile image

      Belinda 6 years ago

      Hi everyone, I too have a 6 year old girl who is over weight. She fits into girls size 12. It is really difficult to find clothing that is appropriate for a six year old. She does not suffer from any of the problems you all mention about. I would love to hear from you any method that has actually worked in reducing the weight.

      I have been reading up on lemons and found it interesting that everyone that I know, who themselves or their children who ate a lot of lemons not only lost weight but don't seem to put ant on.

      I grew up with a lemon and grapefruit tree in my back yard and have been eating a lot almost every day and never had a weight problem no matter what I ate. However since moving and not having access to lemons regularly, I have not been eating it for many years now and guess what, I too have started gaining weight.

      I am not sure if it works but I am going to start give g it to my little girl. I don't have anything to loose in trying and it's only lemons full of vitamin c can't hurt.

      I will monitor her progress and let you all know how she goes. Fingers cross I hope it works for her as it did for me.

    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      My son is 7, 4'7". And 89 pounds... He is very active playing sports everyday (hockey, lax, karate). We have been working with the doctors... They diagnosed him with sleep apnea and asthma. They said the sleep apnea has contributed to his slower metabolism.

    • profile image

      Maggie 6 years ago

      This is an interesting thread to sy the least! My daughter is 9 and weighs the same as me (114lbs) she's 5 ft tall and I'm 5'6". It breaks my heart when he says, "you're so mich skinnier than me!" We eat lean chicken and fish, brown rice and whole grain pasta in moderation! She's never had mac n cheese or fast food. She is discriminated against by kids and even her gym teacher. It is horrible because we are an active family and we eat so clean! Muly husband weighs 165 at 6ft tall! She did not have her tonsils or adnoifs removed, but she has a bifid (split) uvual and an extra valve in her heart. I'd love to find the correlation. My best advice is to focus on what your kids are good at. My daughter takes Tae Kwan Do and she's great at it. It gave her body confidence. She's 5ft tall at 9 years old and she doesn't slouch! I tell her not to worry as long as she's eating foods that fuel her body, she will fond balance. I just want her to live a long and healthy life and i wish the same for your kids.

    • profile image

      Verona Kerian 6 years ago

      Try gluten free soy free casien free diets..And or high doses of vitamin C or magnesium..And or drink 8oz of water every 2 hours (lots of water)

    • profile image

      Worried Aussie Mum! 6 years ago

      Hi All, After reading all of your posts i can say that i two have a 5 year old boy who is over weight he is not to much over weight but he is much bigger then other kids is own age he is also much taller then kids his own age, I two have been told by my Doctors that he is a big kid and will be over 6foot when he is an adult so he needs a little weight rite now... Both my Hubby and i are not over weight and we all eat very well, there is no sugar, lollies, chips, chocolate, soft drinks in my house and my son only drinks water he is very active and will play outside til the sun goes down running all the time, i have been left confused as to why he has weight on him??? and i can see it is starting to effect him when playing with other kids he gets tired when trying to keep up with them and he asks me all the time "mum why is my tummy bigger then other kids"? i have nothing to tell him because as far as im concerned there is no reason i can give him... i feel sorry for him..poor kid.

      But after reading all of your post most of you have a common theme! and that is EAR INFECTIONS, TONSILS AND ADENOIDS! you all reminded me of a study i had read 3 years ago but had forgotten about.. i read the study just after i have my sons Tonsils and adenoids out.. the study read that there is a link to having them out and gaining weight in young childern! i have found the study again and i will post it on here. I also think thats due to having Tonsils and adenoids removed sparks a thyroid problem i have yet to check my son's thyroid i hope this has helped in some way at least u have something to take to your doctors. , and,

    • profile image

      Cherry 6 years ago

      My son is 9 years old and he weighs 195lbs. I am scared out of my mind, because I don't understand why he keeps gaining. He plays football and he take swimming classes. My son has been on Steroid basically all of his life for asthma. I have been told by doctors that we should cut sugar, fried food, you name it, and we have. However, he is still gaining weight. The last time he went to the doctor she said that his thyroids were out of range and that we should re-test. We will follow up soon, and hopefully we can nip this thing in the bud. Jesus help our children!!!

    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      Hi my little girl is almost 6 and she weight 108 lbs she has been on a diet for over a year and she does all kinds of things I need help and I'm not getting if there is anything she please help me my email is rescueslb@

    • profile image

      Nicole 6 years ago

      I am in the same situation with my daughter. She is 6 years old and weighs 85 lb, about 20 lb more than she should. I have two other children that eat the same as she does and yet she is the only one who is overweight. My husband and I are very concerned about her health. We have taken her to the doctor and gotten the same spiel as everyone else - eat healthy and exercise, limit sugar; and we HAVE been, but nothing changes. She is in first grade and has started to have kids call her fat, which kills me - she is my baby, and it stabs me in the heart when someone makes her feel that way.

      Anyone who has figured out a possible reason for all of these children being mysteriously overweight when they shouldn't be - please let me know -

    • profile image

      Shannon 7 years ago

      So glad I came across this site!!! We have an 8 year old girl who weighs 100 pounds and her weight to height proportion seems to get further and further apart each year (her weight being way to high for her height). After doing some research, we are trying to treat the yeast overgrowth with live cultures and changing up her diet a bit. She is similar to a lot of your kiddos; Good, Healthy eater and exercises daily for a couple of hours each day and doesn't watch TV. We have also had her Thyroid checked (it's normal)and met with a Nutritionist and nothing the Dr's have suggested has worked. I will keep you posted if anything works for our little girl...

    • profile image

      Toya 7 years ago

      My son is 6 & 83lbs. Ear infections all through yoddler then asthma allergies excema. Been on many inhaled & oral steriods since he was 1. Stays in sports hate junk. Sweets. Gum. He loves food. But very very often. Dr says keep him active. Which we do. We to are at a loss. Hardly ever fast food. He is is in 50th % for height. I am curious about the yeast slow metab and

    • profile image

      Wagate 7 years ago

      Hi guys,

      Am glad to have found this, we are in teh same boat too. My daughter is 4 years old, she has been adding weight pretty much the same way, she has had tones of ear infection,we got the adenoids, tonsils out, and gromits in. We still are using ventolin and seretide/budecort inhalers, oftenly.

      She spends most of her time outside, and will only watch TV when its too dark to play, or the weather will not permit.

      Please has anyone come across, a way to control this? It is very frustrating to watch her go through this.I will follow this and hope someone out6 there can help.

    • profile image

      Right there with you guys 7 years ago

      Wow. This post struck a nerve. My six year old daughter is currently 89lbs and I can't get her to drop any weight or stop gaining. Neither myself or her father are overweight. She's big not just in weight but in height as well. It gets me that she is so big because she is such an active child. The pediatrician says its sugar but we cut all her sugar, switched to 1% milk and still she just keeps gaining wait. I mean, we monitor her diet and it changed nothing. I was super surprised to see how many mentioned ear troubles. My daughter has a speech impediment and has been diagnosed with a cholesteatoma in both ears. She had her tonsils and adnoids out last June and had the cyst removed from her right ear in October. She's going in April to have her ear bone replaced with a prosthetic and a tube put in to help the eustachian vent the way it should.

    • profile image

      need help too 7 years ago

      my son is 6 and hes134pounds and4 ft.6inches tall and his doc says his obese,i thought he was 30 pounds over and i was floored ,when she said that,my son got of the bus yesterday crying because he said he was fat,it made me cry,because i cant stand to c him hurt no one makes fun of him,but they will if this goes on,i dont no how it got this bad cause in 8 months he gained 14 pounds!how why his dads a big man but iam not my daughter is thin,i cut suger out,the tv is a little issue but i can fix that i dont under stand why so much so fast,do u have any ideas

    • profile image

      Teekamycat 7 years ago

      I have an over weight 5 (almost 6) year old girl. She weighs 76 pounds and finding clothes to fit her is a nightmare. We live in Canada so finding winter stuff is awful. She has a problem with yeast as well. When she was a baby she had thrush and has Vulvovaginitis which is linked to yeast problems. She too gets very little in the way of treats, is always active, gets limited TV. I am so concerned about her health. So 2 things, if anyone has any updates on this topic I'd love to hear from you and 2 if you have any suggestions for clothing problems I'd love to hear it. Thanks

    • profile image

      mumof2blondes 7 years ago

      Same boat here....I have a 6 year old daughter who has been "big" for her age since 2 months of age. She weighed 19 lbs at 4 months, 30lbs at 1 year, 50-some at 4 years old, 60 at 5 and is now about 83lbs (she turned 6 in August). She has been on steroids (severe seasonal and a few food allergies that result in hives) twice this past spring (one 2 day dose and then one week dose) and same thing this fall (one week and then a 2 day dose). She was 4 feet even over the summer so I am certain she is at least an inch or more over that by now.

      She looks like a big 8 year old.

      She is right at that point where I feel like if she continues to gain weight she may start to look quite overweight. She already talks about diets and getting rid of her belly. I need to lose about 20 lbs but I do not talk about diets in front of her only healthy choices and regular exercise.

      My husband is a big guy but not obese. He is the broad shouldered athletic type...kind of like a linebacker.

      My husband was always big for his age growing up but when we compared his childhood stats to my daughters...she passed him LONG ago.

      Some of this HAS to be genetic. My husbands (half)sister has a daughter in the same exact boat as my daughter. She was normal sized until about 3 and then took off. Also, my husbands brother has a 3 year old daughter who already weighs over 45 lbs. (Neither one of my nieces have had steroid use)

      I have a second daughter who is tall for a 3 year old but she is skinny and does not seem to have the bigger build that my older daughter has...she weighs about 41 lbs but has the height of 4 year old.

      My 6 year old daughter is a healthy eater but we do allow the occasional snack. I don't want to make food an issue for her...I am sure most of you know what I mean by that.

      I am just at a loss on what else I can do. I have actually come to think that she will likely be big until she hits puberty and then she will become more aware and have to work a bit to lose some weight. I did have a doc tell me that there is a gene in girls where they will do all their growing by the time they are 12. They will have their height and foot size and then the body will change.

      I worry about to dress her age appropriate (she is already wearing a size 12-14 top) and a size 8 yoga pant and 8 plus jeans, how she feels about her self (not only is she big but she also suffers chronic hives to the face and neck that we are trying to figure out).

      I have to wonder sometimes though if her large size and these crazy hives are somehow related? My next step is to get docs to do a full lab work up and check her thyroid as well.

      It's just crazy to me that she is gaining 10 to 15 lbs a year???? She is growing about 4 inches a year.

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      Wow. I am so glad I stumbled across this. I have a child in the same boat. I am going to follow this one.

    • profile image

      Shari 7 years ago

      Hi this is a very interesting topic. Although most of you seem to talk about the symptoms nobody seems to have a answer to this. I am a registered nurse and have a eight year old daughter who is sufering from many and most of the symptoms spoken of. I would really like to discuss further with you any more possibilities to this.

      Faith and hope is out there.

    • profile image

      Tracey 7 years ago

      My son really has been a good eater from day one, So have my other two boys, 12,11,9 are there ages,3 years ago there dad had an accident an is now tetroplegic, we seperated 2 years previous to this mind, the day my son really fell inlove with food was that day i told the boys about there dad, You can imagen they have been to hell an back ten fold, But reading some of these storys my son too had suffered alot of ear infections had gromits fitted but not sure if its yeast problems, I have tried an tried so hard to cut down on his portions an snacks, Still no further to this day has lost wieght, Hate being stuck in this rutt,

    • profile image

      Tara 8 years ago

      I have the same concerns. My daughter is 8yrs old and weighs 137lbs. She has been on steriods since she was 3yrs old for asthma. HELP!! Notice, they all are around the same age range and have the same health issues.

    • profile image

      karoll 8 years ago

      may 2, 2010--omg--please lord help us! i am also in thios situation. i have a nine year old boy who is rapidly gaining weight. he weighs 101 and it seems like every day we go weigh him its 1 or 2 lbs. more. i know his weight gain is from chronic asthma and being on steroids--but am i suppose to just get fat. i need some help in finding out what can i do. is there anything that will help him loose weight while being on steroids? he is active--he eats good and healthy--infront of me but he gets so hungry all the time that sometimes i find him in our pantry hiding and eating what ever he finds. my son was very thin--almost bones before asthma--and both his father and i are slim people.(so are his sisters and brother) help---i need answers--suggestions--this is very frustrating--and depressing---and hurtful. i want to help my child. please if any one has any info contact me at thank you!

    • profile image

      Michele 8 years ago

      WOW!!! I've been looking for help for my daughter as well. It's such a struggle. My husband and I are above average in height (I'm 5'10" and he is 6'2")and average weight, not overweight. We work out and eat a lot of whole grains and organic foods. My 10 year old daughter has been on an inhaled steroid for severe asthma since she was 7. At 7 she weighed 72lbs. Now at 10 she weighs 130 lbs, she is 5'0 even so she is tall but clearly heavier than the norm. She's started getting stretch marks and kids are starting to make comments which make her feel bad about herself. Her doctor said the same thing, "She's on a steroid. Not much you can do, maybe cut back on the snacks."

      My kids play outside everyday, ride their bikes and when they watch TV, I make them do jumping jacks or sit ups during commercials. It's become a game now and they enjoy it. She swims everyday in the summer for hours and is in sports and rides her bike but still doesn't keep the weight off, if anything it makes her STRONGER!

      I'm at a loss for a solution...

    • profile image

      marlena 8 years ago

      I am interested to know what the outcome of the yeast question was. My son is 7 and weighs 85 pounds. He is very active, playing sports every day. I give him skim milk, and we eat leanly-- a bowl of rice krispies with strawberries for breakfast, a turkey sandwich with lettuce, an apple, a handful of fat free pretzels and water for lunch, a grilled or baked protein, starch and vegetable for dinner, and a lot of fruit for snacks. I do allow him one or two treats a day-- a cookie, a weight watcher's ice cream. He drinks mostly water, and in the morning has some orange juice which I water down. My husband and I are both thin, and our daughters are as well. I don't know what else I can do to possibly reduce his weight. I am thinking it has to be a slow metabolism, though I don't understand what the cause could be.

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 9 years ago from Wisconsin

      My oldest is experiencing some of that. She is not too overweight, but could be become so quickly. Hers has to do with quantity of food and lack of activity. I'm just trying to get her interested in getting healthier.

    • cristinab profile image

      cristinab 9 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. I am sorry I have not had time to get back to them. I wanted to say to Debra that sometimes steroids cause weight gain. Have you checked into that? 3lilbugz, I appreciate your sympathy, I haven't come across anything different, yet. To tell you the truth, with five kids, sometimes things get pushed to the side that shouldn't. I took my child to the doctor last week for strep and he weighs 109, mind you he is getting taller. However, in discussing the gene situation. I weigh 114 and he is seven and only weighs 5 pounds less. I am only five 2 1/2 and he is almost as tall as me, so there is not much comparison there with the weight. I know how frustrated you all are and I just keep hoping mine will stop the weight gain as he grows taller and even out. But I know that the weight gain has to stop and that now is the best time, because as you get older it is harder to lose. I just don't know how. Or even why? I am going to go to the health food store and try to get children's detox and see if that helps. Regardless of what the doctor's think about yeast overgrowth, they are not solving my our problems with their advice. So, I would have to assume they do not know everything. Best Wishes, let me know if you find anything that helps and I will do the same.

    • profile image

      Debra Nickerson 9 years ago

      Hello, I am a grandmother of a little girl who has struggled with her weight all her life so far. She is 8 and weighs 187lbs. We have been concerned with her weight since she was two and have talked with numerous doctors and professionals. She is presently going to a clinic for obese children. They have told us all the normal things. My daughter, her mother was overweight most of her life until she underwent bypass surgery. She was obese when she was pregnant with her daughter. My granddaughter's father and most of his family are overweight or obese also. They give us these reasons for Mara being overweight and say she inherited the fat gene. My problem is that Mara is active and eats like any normal child with the occasional birthday cake or sugery treat. She eats regular meals with minimal snacking. My daughter has had her on skim milk or 1% since she was two and sugar-free drinks most of the time. We too have discussed with her doctors the possibility of her having yeast overgrowth. They disreguard our concerns and tell us to do the same as we are doing and increase her physical activity. One doctor even said that in order for Mara to loose weight she would have to exercise 3-4 hours per day. Impossible! I have looked and looked for answers. She also has a fishy odor all the time, even right after her bath. Another possible simptom of yeast infections. I am now looking into possible natural treatments for Mara. She is beginning to be teased by her peers and it limits her. She also has asthma and has been on steroids for most of her life. We are getting very discouraged with the medical profession. (

    • profile image

      3lilbugz 9 years ago

      OH MY GOD! I came across your post, while I was sitting at my computer in tears doing research. By the time I finished reading your story, my tears became sobs. Its like looking through a mirror at my own life. First let me tell you, I know EXACTLY what your feeling, you are not alone. I know that it feels like you are but please know that you now have an ally, even though its in someone that you dont even know. I have three children, they are 5yrs, 7yrs and 9yrs old. My 9yr old daughter was a normal sized 3 year old, wearing a size 3T. By the age of 4 she had gained nearly 25 pounds. She has always been tall for her age, but continued gaining weight. I heard the same story from doctors, "limit junk food" "get her more active". At 5-6 years old, she played soccer, basketball, gymnastics, t-ball, played outside and rode her bike constantly. Our children get, what we refer to as "TV time" one hour a day. (The hour before they fall asleep) They occasionally watch more, movies, shows with us, etc. But are not couch potato kids. My daughter had 22 ear infections by the time she was 25 months old. Twice her eardrums ruptured. Two sets of ear tubes, which didn't help. She had to be hospitalized several times to be given antibiotics by IV, because she had been on so many of them that they no longer worked and the infections would spread through her blood. She was taking a new set of antibiotics pretty much every 3-4th week of her life, until I found the right doctor. He removed her tonsils and adenoids and she never had another ear infection. She eats what my other kids eat, they are not overweight. I am not overweight, my husband is not overweight. I have been through 8 pediatricians, 2 MD's and 4 Nutrisionists. When they would tell me that she needs to be more active or eat less sugar or my personal favorite "She is just gonna be a big girl" , I would get up and walk out of the room before they finished their sentence. I pushed and pushed, and you have to. You have to be pushy, you have to over-rule the doctor. One doctor told me there was nothing wrong with my 7 year old who weighed 103lbs. When I disagreed, he told me that he was the one who went to medical school. I stood up pointed to my stomach and told him that " I grew this child, RIGHT HERE, inside my body, gave her life, nursed her, spend every moment with her since birth. So technically, I knew more about my child than he did" Find an Osteopath, its a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. They prefer to find the root of the problem using natural medicine, however they will also prescribe medicine when necessary. I am still fighting this battle, but I am slowly winning it. I have alot of information and suggestions for you that are too long to type here. Please email me and I will go further into detail.


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