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Consider The Umbilical Cord!

Updated on January 2, 2010


Consider the umbilical cord!!!





Consider the umbilical cord,
the first cable service ever
between human beings.
A virtual network
of nerves and vessels,
bringing brain food
and strength training,
using In-flow-mercials
sponsored by mothers


You had H2o
instead of HBO,
it was a moving channel
that quenched your desires
This cable service
included a free
cellular connection
that communicated on a
genetic level.
Cable service,
cellular connections,
and a womb with a view


Every few hours
you could enjoy
a production of food,
exploring the milky way
as your tummy digested,
the in-utero processes,
enjoying all the benefits
of anti-bodies,
and natural pharmacueticals,
commercial free.
All by the guidance
of your mothers
remote controls.


Plus you were programmed to
join in the study
of waste management,
and the volume control
was always gently muted,
by the amniotic fluids
in which you floated.
Quite contented
with your cable hookup
and no need to dash
to the kitchen
or the john.


Consider once more the
umbilical cord,
and how they
finally "CUT!!!"
your cable service
pulling you kicking
and screaming away from it,
as your world became
much smaller.
your sustenance
came from a bottle
or a breast,
and your waste management
training went
right down to the bottom
of a pampers,
and then a diaper genie
while you struggled
to grasp even the
most insignificant of tasks.

Pause a moment
and remember your
umbilical cord
your first cable
service ever....

"HI, MOM!!!"


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