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Continued Report on Humanity part 1

Updated on April 19, 2016

Parent Time: House and Spirit debated

As my report continues on the great womb of the universe, the faster lands of dolphin cries that echoed like the tree of life in the time of great need. It was a a small part of the great womb of life in the Universe, some heard the cry in the light.

Part 1: Observation.

As I report on humanity first I noticed that many penned Hell first in creation of religion. Example for the court: "In the beginning God created." That sealed the deal because the rest fell, the trees of life, in crosses and books.. Land was wasted in fires and they clear cut forests. They also build where nature told them not to and then judge the single lives of individual temples in the human flesh puppets.

Conversation today "I told a tree that the lumber below it was a brother." Response, I told the tree that they were the cheapest life on the planet, then corrected my statement and stated that they were the most expensive in that they were free to educate the minds and lay down in sacrifice the life force of spirit for man to sell for profit and build homes that were once free to nature. The birds were in a flight. I stated that spirit side would watch over the home because the house is already making the remains of the death I walked in life, in the physical return of the pieces pf reincarnated fractures.

Judgment: We are never apart, this cycle. With great longing we work, then in watching we shelter the newly arrived, for they lived in judgment once of life. That they may be the new spirit whole is the gift. In one time, that the great womb never knew, it was the field once to the life that solar winds and care was thrown to life. They were the children of all their Heavens. TO think in my thoughts we would have lifted the spirit in creation and and not the down fall of Hell, although I stated more than Hell would fall from Heaven one day. As it was seen that I cursed my Gods, to search now minus my spirit, for their own as the Gods once to humanity did curse. It will be mine to watch, the life he would walk as her or him in my stead, that he wanted was his desire and my life to give. We already had the cast, in the beginning so I played my parts as Peter in life and as creator and Believer. Now it is another son or daughter in nature to be.

section a: In life then I witnessed ashes falling from the television screens and the killing fields of corpses bull dozed into mass graves, returned to make the bread, the plants and future lives of fed bellies. Nazis killed the Jews and like ash they grew in the nitrogen rich soils to feed the nations of hate, same in the America's as the death of dreams rose so did the land, to be the lamb of building the houses. Spirit spoke in buildings then to house the life's that abandoned truth, that nature was a parent to them once, and like the bee so un-liked. The internet was a gift that they so hated, and needed for truth as then the trees like spared sparrows of the guff would have danced their life to clear the air they breathed, and warmed the whole house and cooled it naturally. My spirit would fall on that house so quickly and wrap around it in a protective spell, even if it removed all life for a moment to teach it to be nice again to not dom fon. We are in need of them all, the humans, animals, trees, tears of Heaven and the periodic tables of life, that they live so as briefs to the law of nature is nature's due and calling. That they are immortal in nature is their gift from spirit.

Section b: I notice that there was one book for both spirit and morals in the same religions, that seems odd since spirit and morality are of man, and spirit of Their Gods, as if the spirit lived like the nature it lived. Many times they punished children in terror, "You are going to Hell and the Devil is going to torture you." Who in creation does that to the innocence of creation?

Support of their choices: They were in the infancy of freedoms, and choices and they knew not the cost of the tree fields that were planted in the minds of children. Forgiveness was my gift to the damned and righteous. That some, like little monks were tortured by Hell was their life, that man was such as that was the cost of the Tears of Satan, for that was the Light of the Heaven's once, never to live again in fullness of my life.

i NOTICED THAT SOME JUDGED FOOD TOO. I said free range was in choices too, that pig pigs are only dirty and pink because they are food animals and need to keep cool is the truth, that they would die in the wild or be hunted anyways was true. Not many wild chickens or dairy cows in New York city getting milked for cheese, yogurt or cheese on the subway systems, see the choice of life. Many noble large breed dogs are in small apartments, that once they were free to run wild was their breeding. Much could be said that humans did to human's once for traits they admired, in picking mates for desired features. Judge nature and feel the spirit one day, that in my Heaven, all was lifted to spirit to work on the House and we will fall in unison, one day and let us see who as a Father get's lonely, Many men feared the Vagina, yet they came form one. Strange that sex is the chemistry of life and they shamed it, for their pride. That was their innocence in judgement and as nature made. They are in all nature their role, and nature it's role too. In each kingdom, unified.

Section c: Some would plant their homes in disaster, of nature and minds. I was that once in the mind of lust, not the physical though. Yet they denied nature it's need to protect them little humans, and nature. Dolphins and sea life used to warn humans of the danger of the sea, yet they turned to man to see and then blame nature for being a "fon dom" around the crown of Heaven, the gravity of this is great. It would spell disaster if they don't start listening to spirit more than the house, yet that would be in time out of their control as well. The had stole the light of Heaven for their selfish PRIDE and that was nature too, to aid the truth of their ugliness as well, that the righteous could live in forgiveness was mine to give. Never to be in life again, as my Steven Philip Lindquist life is death now, in spirit. That my Christian family was them self the nail in nature's coffin was them them self the hammer in Earth, the Dagger that pierced the flesh of my life. That Buddha cursed suffering out of life was the downfall of music. that nuns were of sex and shamed it was them self their hatred of life but not their fault in innocence of SPIRITUS.

More Observation: They slaughtered, man, lovers, children, women, trees, books of life for the potentials and then I came to say you never die in the movie of the seconds you dreamed were but centuries or a walk on part in the great movie, never ended, never begun, no time before nature. That my nails bleed, is the magic that my soul would die in whole for it, the life of them, that then I in light and illusion would wrap as a blanket in the mystery around her home once would shelter them their religions again. That was the sacrifice that a father would make, that they thought made for my life was the question. Who is showing whom and what roles do the centuries have if all was none before time and nature? Were those lines of energies on the Earth sharing sections and notes that were shared between a choir once?

I would know this in family law, and fostering beliefs: be life and death for in the physical waste life begins and in spirit the energy feeds them both, that light was energy was that chemistry was too. Be the devil's advocate where no devil was made yet, then know that nothings was never nothing in the none languages and senses of the you never knew.

I noticed too that politics were, the right pays for the left and the left pays for the right's freedom in freedom and choices otherwise they would move to slavery of freedom, elsewhere. I wondered what no freedom meant, and thought all was in choice of freedom. To save them theirs fears of freedoms. For example: A person who hates a social issue still pays taxes and energy for it in their opposite, gay marriage why bother it was insurance issue when marriage was really in Heaven anyways with what "Your soul mate?" Who believes in that in divorce? I laughed at that one and the wasted money, considering the paid each other's salaries and sides. Pro and con paid each other to hate each other. See their lunacy? Also they changed my history and then said I had children and owed money. "No, I countered if you changed my life then I have no Karmic weight." Prove it, with heart and spirit science. Never happen, I rejected all the pre-man offerings and pre-nature traps here. Love was chemistry once too, just senses.

*I saw they believed in this thing call the New World Order, that it was never was in the begging and was never seen their with the Horsemen of creation. Yet the youth need conspiracy to fuel their needs of choices in belief is freedom too. It was before written life that the horsemen were on the planet, that is why they wrote about it long ago. Then they had thought freedom the devil's tool, yet they chose the freedom life of choices. They made Hell so often in the choices people made for themselves, then damned them for their private lives. The private lives of secret sinners to some liking, that was the damn thing to think about. Closed doors made public for the mass graves of the minds of man. Then they that spied were the judges that damned their own eyes to blindness. In imagination or in fact the thought of spirit judging the walls, and the pillows of creation was the death of many of censored whores.

I walked in life, the accursed one, the whore of all moral sins save marriage and that was made unwritten in matter and light. Then know the weight was the loneliness of a felled spirit once on the Earth to replicate in God's image and multiply like locust in a storm of death of their previous homes, the trees and minds of Magic. "And God made man in his image." Sin was before the world, and they crucified a legend of the telephone game to crucify nature in many states of life and being in book, the minds of man, the land, the homes of hate that rose and fell, the news, the glory of righteous innocence. I think it was a proving ground of spiritus, to return in unison to the one it was once in the nature of the truth.

That they turned the magical thinking of creation into Hell in religion was the death of many of forests. I sing the Death Chant of that imaginary Earth, the one where it was Heaven once, that the angels could watch was magic once. In that they were the storm of Nature was hidden. In belief, then they danced on the grave of the planet, that they knew it not the greatest tomb was the raiders arch. I thought it life yet in constant transformation, none knew the stages it was in. Then all was forgiven for the innocence was their lie of illusions of life.

I watched the mud rise, then fall, then life to death, life to heartbeat to graves of the toilet wastes that become chemistry to feed the fuels. It was once one in the oneness of the whole life of the real being, beyond the world of words to tell it all.

Judgment: It is what it was and is, and that nature, not having a name for what will or was be in time of then not yet man made was another's road to walk. I would see that one by one in one of one all, we would walk this time to the points where it needs to be. That some think they are in control of freedom, is their illusion of chaos, for that I cursed chaos to create was the needing of God in the beginning of any point in time. Man needed a word and chaos of math beyond thought and science as art of life in the mix of the houses we built, then know the land as the force of nature was the life. I would then in speaking to trees say "You gave and fell for free, man sold you, built with you, sold you to man for money that you made, then they spoke spirit in you hands, then burnt the ones of you that they hated in censorship, burnt the lives of man flesh they you gave magic too, then build highways to religion in Hell for they damned children for touching their spirit of senses, they damned the pews they knelt on in prayer, and they even damned the tools you gave to save the tree land forests of their return and births." They deserve the physical, for none are in spirit until you release them from their bonds. You know dearest to my heart which bonds I mean, pray they never find a way. It is endless dear, they are scattered in the wind of solar wings, that land eventually in their God lands. To think once a world exploded and they landed to make in their imagine the genetic blueprints of their God, that it was them that never watched that made Hell of single life was them. No bother, I am done and used soon to let go of the third house to be chemistry anyways, care though in humidity the air falls heavy on the land and so do the storms of the physical flesh dying.

Executive orders: be in transformation of learning all the time, monkey see monkey do works for Sri Lankan temple monkeys yet I do not see people on the streets throwing physical feces on each other, just judgments. Find your own hearts and beliefs, in your lives as one or the many aspects of the whole oneness of you. I here.

I am always with the two houses, you just don't see it, that they think them all in both is true as well, and in the time another father will be theirs is the truth of all. I have no children in spirit for I was always spirit, and never real in my conscious projection of the lives I watched and never lived. My family is Nitrogen on the table and you will see the hues of life after storms and the smell of life reflecting off the dirty concrete, if you senses right, or write.

One word of warning for life, be choice in life and if asked by your Gods: Curse Chaos to create life in the universe right away for God needed that in the lighthouse once and that is not of the physical that I speak. Or do what you want, I have no children. It was that they were once, it is the Truth that life was chaos, look at the life around you all are in freedom. I told a bird to stop flying over head and it didn't listen to me. I saw that a women wore what I didn't tell her to wear, yet I did as her in the union of wholeness. She picked her choices, it looked good as well as the man with the shoes I never saw, I liked them.


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