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Cost-effective Backyard Activity Ideas for your Kids

Updated on August 13, 2012

It’s always fun to spend some time with your kids. Thus, you are able to know your kid more and the bond you two share also grows. Remember, this bond is very important for a healthy parenting and family life. However, not every time you have enough money to go outdoors or plan a vacation with your kids. On such times, the best idea probably is to have some cost-effective activities. Running out of such ideas? The following section will give you some cost effective activity ideas that can easily be completed in your backyard only. Remember one thing; a change in the day to day activity of your kid will make the event look extremely special to him.

The Backyard Picnic

You just need a picnic basket for this. On absence of a picnic basket, even a plastic laundry basket should do it for you. Bring some cookies, sandwiches, drinks, chips or anything else that you feel should be a part of the picnic. Even though this picnic will be held at your backyard only, you should not run back & forth to your house. Even if this picnic lasts for an hour or two, make your kid feel that you have gone onto an expedition of some sort along with him. For more fun, bring a few balls along with you and play with your kid. If you think it will do any good, play any cheerful music that the kid loves.

Backyard drive in

This is an excellent activity idea that your kid will love, if you can set up the atmosphere correctly. You need a laptop where you can play DVD movies though for this. Set up some chairs in your backyard, arrange for your kids’ favorite blankets and also some stuffed animals if you would like. Now, put the computer at a place from where it is perfectly visible for everyone present. If number of attendees in the drive in is more, you can use a white screen and projector for a better view. For this purpose, you can use a white bed sheet and hung that between trees and project the movie on that.

It’s even better if you can arrange this backyard drive in at night. Make sure to have popcorns for all who attend the drive-in. Also, you can provide sparkling flavored water. Make sure to have some hand bags filled with colorful candies; something any kid will love to have.

Make sure the movie you choose is something that will be enjoyed by the kids. An animated movie with a happy ending always works great for such drive-ins. For a special touch, make sure to show the kids some funny cartoons before the actual movie begins.

Backyard Camping

This requires a tent, so if you don’t have one, buy one or you may also borrow it from someone. Set the tent up at your backyard, while doing so; take help of your kids so that they can feel being involved with the camping from the very beginning. The idea of spending a night inside a tent will definitely excite them.

Bring the blankets, pillows, flashlights along with you. If your kid is fond of bedtime stories, have some relevant books with you as well. Enjoy some snacks and read a story to your kid. You can also make use of some board games that your kid likes. When you spend a night outside, a great pass time will be to count stars. Surprisingly, most of the kids love doing this, even though this may sound boring to matured people.

Remember one thing; the building blocks of your kids’ character are built at the early stages of his life. Apart from teaching him to be responsible, admitting him to schools and growing good habits, it’s also important to add the fun elements with help of the outdoor activities. The activity ideas mentioned above are not tough to manage even if you are on a low budget. The only constraint may pop if you don’t have a big enough backyard. Try to look for some spare space in your neighborhood then and you will surely find something suitable.


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