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Could your kids be getting drunk on candy?

Updated on November 19, 2011

Your kids may be eating candy spiked with vodka right in front of you.

Parents beware there is a new fad running through schools and parties. The process involves soaking candy such as Gummy Bears in pure vodka. After several days the vodka will be totally absorbed into the candy and it becomes virtually odorless and undetectable.

The real danger is this spiked candy still looks like the very popular Gummy Bears and can be quickly consumed without knowing the actual amount of alcohol content actually going into the blood stream.

The Gummy Bears will just continue to soak the vodka up like a sponge, meaning an entire bottle of vodka could be absorbed into one jar of Gummy Bears. Unsuspecting younger children or siblings can easily find a stash of this candy or be given to them as what might seem to older kid(s) as a prank.

Just recently in our area seven kids showed up to school from a bus falling down and with slurred speech. They were taken to the emergency room fearing somehow they may have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from the bus, only later to be determined they were drunk from consuming spiked candy on their way to school.

Vodka is also more difficult to detect on the breath, and can be more easily covered up with breath mints.

Compared to normal Gummy Bears the spiked Gummy Bears will become more swollen with the absorption of the vodka, and have more of a zing to the taste. Storing them in the refrigerator will be your next tip off that your kids are up to something, as refrigeration is part of the absorption process.


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