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Counseling Can Help Teenagers and Their Families

Updated on July 12, 2012

Teenager Behavioral Issues

Teenagers have to contend with a lot of pressures besides the ones that occur because of the hormonal changes within their bodies. These pressures not only affect their lives but also that of the family in which they live. Parents of today’s teenagers find this to be a major concern and may sometimes look to outside help to help the teenager, as well as themselves, to contend with the upheavals that behavior problems caused by pressures can bring in. Behavior problems could cause changes in eating habits and may lead to addictions like drinking or smoking. Counseling if resorted to, must involve the entire family, as only with this perceived support can the teenager benefit from the counseling.

Parents of teenagers can quite often lose their own confidence and find that their ability to understand and resolve their teenager’s problems is constantly undermined by the truculent attitude of the teenager. Their nearness to the problem and consequent emotional involvement is sometimes a factor that defies solution. In such a case an outsider’s look at the situation by a family counselor could benefit both the teenager and the parents.

Changes That Affect Teenagers

Physical changes in a teenager can quite often lead them to feel clumsy and awkward. This does sometimes lead to withdrawal and reluctance to face the world. They become stubborn and get into unnecessary arguments which can be quite daunting for the parents. Parents need to understand that with this growing up there is also a need for a teenager to express their feelings and their need for independence. Their social life is also undergoing constant changes with the possible advent of dating. Their exposure to these new happenings is sometimes a little scary for them and their erratic behavior in the family may be a result.

Advantages of Counseling

Family counselors bring in unbiased opinions. They would spend time with the teenager and various members of the family during their counseling sessions. They would get a clear idea of the perspectives of the various members of the family and the teenager and analyze these to get an understanding of the conflicts that are causing the problems. Quite often a joint session may be held which will allow everyone to get an idea of the other’s viewpoint. Destructive behaviors would be identified and placed before the family. The constant need for communication between all of them will be stressed.

One of the other advantages of counseling is that it quite often gives both parents and teenagers new ways of handling problems by encouraging discipline, effective anger management and methods to solve problems. It can help parents to understand the emotional changes in the teenager and their need to grow up and to be treated like adults.

Teenagers need time and space. Parents need to display a lot of patience while encouraging their teenager to grow up into the adult that they would be proud of. Counseling can help them to get a firm grip on matters before they grow out of hand.


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