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Creating More Possibilities and Choices for Children Who have Academic and Emotional Difficulties

Updated on August 26, 2012

As parents or caregivers you may be familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed and only getting negative calls from your child’s school. Is your child having problems academically or emotionally? Is your child already classified as a special needs child and not progressing? There are children today who suffer through many problems such as; depression, anger, anxiety, difficulty in verbal and non-verbal communication with others, and being withdrawn from society. As a parent you may feel at a loss and are looking for a way to help your child. Public Schools have less resources to help children than they have had in the past. Looking for help can sometimes seem intimidating and hopeless. There is help and that help may be closer than you think.

Dr. Donna Martuge, a former head of Special Education and Pupil Support Services Department in New York, has provided counseling and therapeutic services for the past twenty years to children and parents in WestchesterCounty, NYC and all over the world. “With the trainings she has taken (including formal training in Education and, Special Education / Students with Disabilities, Psychology, REIKI, Power of Prayer, Access Consciousness™, meditation, and Life Coaching) she has gathered an eclectic tool kit to support people, children and adults, to get back into the “driver’s seat” of their lives, by utilizing her healing gift to empower children and adults to find the change they are looking for in their lives.” By using the Access Consciousness tools and techniques along with all of her modalities, techniques and strategies and adding Access Bars™ to a child’s counseling plan, Dr. Martuge has achieved great success in what she refers to as “transformation,” and helping people to attain a new path in their lives, and to get there with more ease.

Children experiencing difficulties in school whether it be academics or, anxiety, school phobia, depression, or behavior have been experiencing great success since Dr. Martuge has added Access Bars™ treatments to her therapeutic interventions. Children can focus better, sleep better, feel less anxious when taking exams and overall have increased happier, more consistent emotions.

What exactly is the Access Bars™ and how does it work? Access Bars™ is a gentle touch therapy that involves 32 points on the head, when touched. it lightly changes the energy flow in your body, similar to the way acupuncture works, except there are no needles with Access Bars™.

Dr. Donna Martuge has been able to help people who have had severe stress, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias and sleep concerns such as insomnia. She would love to reach the students who are struggling and those families that are frustrated with the calls from the school due to behaviors or inattention. She explains that after one or two Access Bars ™ sessions, people tend to see dynamic changes. Dr. Martuge works with the family, the school and the family doctors teachers to provide a whole child approach and obtain optimal results for everyone involved.

Dr. Martuge offers many services depending on the clients needs. Please refer to her website for more information. To read more about Dr. Martuge and her personal experience with the Access Consciousness Bars Method, go to:


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