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Creative Summer Activities for Kids

Updated on December 6, 2012

Every summer it’s the same question: “What to do with the kids?”. We don’t want them to forget what they have learned over the school year, so educative games and a little imagination will do the trick.

Arts and Crafts

Let their imagination run wild. Use legumes, such as lentils and/or beans, beads in all sizes, or even pasta. This will usually keep them entertained for at least an hour. Not only will they be busy, but these activities will help them refine their fine motor skills, as well as expand their imagination.

Rock painting is popular among little ones. Have them collect rocks and allow them to paint the rocks as their favorite animal, or their favorite anything. Urge them to use their imagination to paint as many things as they can think of.

Let them decorate their shirts with fabric markers and other paints. They will be able to wear their own style and feel proud of it.

Homemade postcards are also a good way to keep them busy. Ask them to think about a person whom they would like to thank, and have them make them a post card with construction paper or any other material, as well as color pencils and markers.

Goals and Rewards

Expand their vocabulary. Give them new words every day, and have a reward at the end of the week for “x” number of words learned during the week.

Let them choose a book of their interest. After the book is read, have them work on different projects, such as drawing a picture of a place in the book, an alternate ending to the book, or even help them sew a costume of their favorite character. Offer a reward at the end of each project.

Save the Environment

Take them out for a walk and find as many recyclables as possible. Keep them busy the whole summer by asking them to collect all the recyclables they can, and allow them to keep the money they receive from them.


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      My mother used to do similar goal and reward things with me - I learned one of Shakespeare's sonnets that way! Great tip.