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Unique Baby Shower Gifts For New Moms

Updated on January 24, 2013

Are you looking for a unique baby shower gift for an expecting mom in your life? Something beyond the traditional onesies and baby blankets?

Here are some out-of-the box ideas for unique baby shower gifts. There are both gifts for mom and gifts for baby. Whatever you decide, just know that mom will appreciate knowing that you are thinking of her and the new baby.

Unique Shower Gifts For Baby

  • A diaper cake in the colors of the baby nursery.
  • A diaper wreath. Mom and dad can hang this on the door of the delivery room when they welcome the new baby into this world.
  • A keepsake bangle bracelet for baby engraved with baby's name.
  • Handmade baby gifts from Etsy, such as roller skate booties. There are lots of fun ideas on Etsy.
  • Hand-carved wooden train set. This is something baby can have for years and even hand down to his kids.
  • Hooded bath robes - think princesses and lions. You can also get matching wash mitts. This will make bath time that much more fun.
  • Personalized piggy bank with baby's name to match the nursery.
  • Savings bonds for baby - help get baby started on her college savings.
  • Diaper service. This is a great option if mom is going to be cloth diapering.
  • Ladybug snuggle sack - just the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  • Handmade upcycled crafts.
  • Keepsake box for all the tiny mementos that mom will want to save for baby, such as babies first booties.
  • Chinese birth year felt-lined baby box.

Unique Shower Gifts For Mom

Why should all the fun stuff be just for the baby. Here are some great shower gifts that mom can use for herself.

  • Fashionable nursing covers in styles and prints that fit moms style.
  • An Amazon Kindle for those late night nursing sessions when baby is asleep in moms arms but mom needs to stay awake.
  • A engraved charm bracelet, mom can add more charms over time and really make the charm bracelet all about her family.
  • A meal planning service. Mom and dad won't have to worry about what to cook when they have a meal planning service.
  • Frozen dinner subscription shipped to her house. I was surprised when a box of frozen food showed up on my door after the baby was born. It was so nice to have a few meals ready to go without cooking or grocery shopping.
  • A gift certificate for a prenatal or a post natal massage. No matter when she uses it, she will love it.
  • House cleaning service. Once baby comes, mom and dad won't have much (if any) time for cleaning.

It Really Is the Thought That Counts

There are lots of great unique gifts for baby showers that mom (or dad) will love and appreciate. Find something that speaks to you and fits mom's personality. Personalized gifts are so much fun - think monograms and embroidery. But, no matter what you settle on, just know that when it comes to baby showers, it really is the thought that counts. Mom is going to have a lot on her plate soon - whatever you give her is going to be appreciated.


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