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Train Your Baby To Stop Crying And Fall Asleep Before He Is Born.

Updated on May 10, 2014

Babies don't cry in the womb

Babies don't cry in the womb but they do cry once they're born and that is when you'll be glad to have already trained your baby to stop crying and fall asleep.

If you're expecting or planning to have children, you probably already know that babies settle more easily when they hear sounds that they became familiar with while still in the womb. Many mothers have told stories of how their babies fall asleep when a certain song or a TV show's tune starts to play and they then recall that they regularly listened to that song or watched that TV show during their pregnancy.

Unborn babies can hear not only the sounds of the womb, but they can also hear sounds from outside the womb. They don't distinguish between the two, they just remember them and recognize them after birth. When they hear a sound or tune that they associate with their time in the womb, they are taken back to a time when they felt safe and comfortable before the trauma of being born and thrust into a world in which they feel hunger, cold, loneliness, abandonment and discomfort.

Pregnancy sound systems from Amazon

Bellybuds | Baby-Bump Sound System | 1st Generation | Prenatal Pregnant Headphones | Belly Phones That Plays Music And Voices For The Brain Development Of Your Unborn Baby | The Perfect Pregnancy Gift
Bellybuds | Baby-Bump Sound System | 1st Generation | Prenatal Pregnant Headphones | Belly Phones That Plays Music And Voices For The Brain Development Of Your Unborn Baby | The Perfect Pregnancy Gift

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How You Can Train Your Unborn Baby To Stop Crying And Fall Asleep

Today, it's easier than ever to make sure your baby will have all the familiarity he'll want with a range of complete sound and music delivery systems you can wear around your belly while pregnant to play sounds directly to your unborn baby. Be it Mozart (whose music is known to enhance brain development) or Lady Gaga, the music you play to your unborn child could have a huge soothing effect on him after birth. I have included an Amazon listings of such a music system below.

Please be sure to follow any instructions in your product's user manual. These systems aren't meant to be used 24/7 and not enough is known about them or any long term damage they may cause to your unborn baby's hearing, so ONLY and ALWAYS use pregnancy sound systems as instructed in their manual. NEVER use a mobile phone to play music through these systems as the radiations emitted by them could harm your unborn child.

Other Ways Of Training Your Unborn Baby To Fall Asleep Before He Is Born

There are other things you can do while pregnant to familiarize your unborn child to sounds that will soothe him to sleep after birth, such as:

  • Watching your favorite TV shows: your unborn child will learn to recognize the theme song and the characters' voice.
  • Listen to your favorite songs in the car or at home through speakers, not headphones since your child won't hear the sound coming out of headphones or earplugs.
  • Play a musical instrument regularly, play calming tunes. Record yourself while you play so once your child is born you can just play the recordings to him, freeing yourself up to get some much deserved rest.
  • Sing regularly and record yourself doing so. Once your baby is born simply play those recordings back to him.
  • Read a story book book out loud so your child will become familiar with the story.

It's important to play these sounds to your unborn child regularly while pregnant, at least once a day and preferably at a time when you are relaxed so that your unborn baby will be relaxed too and once born will continue to feel a sense of calm and peace upon hearing those sounds.

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    • sleepylog profile image

      Sleepylog 4 years ago from Australia

      Yes of course, if a baby is crying due to being unwell, hungry or uncomfortable no amount of familiar sounds will stop him crying, I assume most parents would know that. But for babies who were adopted, things like womb sounds or white noise recordings could work because for sure they would have heard those in their mother's wombs. Alternatively, the sound of static on a TV or radio might have the same effect... it did on my newborn son.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 4 years ago

      Your system may work for some people and their babies. My son was adopted and his birth mother did not have the best pre natal care and something like this was never considered.

      Also, if your child has an earache in the middle of the night, he is going to cry.