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Cub Scouts Cooking Up New Life

Updated on March 30, 2012

What was lost has been found

Cub Scouts Cooked Up Life

Well I never thought I would be Hubbing about this subject, but a while back I had a life changing experience. I joined Cub Scouts- again! When the call came, I answered. You all know how this works. “Pops, my buddy asked m to join Scouts?” The tiny voice whispers from below the dinner table. “No! We are committed to Karate!” booms the mean old man.

“Ohhh, you old fuddy duddy, cajoles the lithe momma bear, “just go to one meeting. See what it’s all about. What do you have to lose?”

“My sanity”, muses Pops.

“Been there, done that” says Pops, in that guilty way that really means, “I hope we can share some campfires together, son.”

Three months later, what happens? It’s not enough for baby bear to get one achievement pin, he loves earning all 20. Pops only goes to one meeting- each night of the week- and only gets his feet wet, by jumping in head first.

First it’s Pack Trainer, and the fateful day arrives. ”Hey Mr. R. We need a Cub master or we’ll have to disband the pack”. This comes from the adult leaders, not the nine year olds. “I’m not the Cub master. Too many painful memories. Too many tears.” Pops, says pridefully, which really should read shamefully. His thoughts are “I already lost one son and I’m not going to lose another one to the Virus of Volunteerism.”

One Pack meeting comes and Pops is singing the Announcement song. I’ll include it for your listening pleasure. Two pack meetings- Pops is laughing harder than any of the kids- and having at least as much fun as a Tiger Cub.

“Can I help out on Training staff?” You Know Who calls the scout office. “Hey, you’re a teacher right?” The District Executive says.

“Yeess…. What can I do to help you?” Dramatic aside; now for anyone who is not in scouting, that’s the magic question and the death question all in one.

Magic because it means the fun is only beginning. Death because the days of teaching big kids and being a self proclaimed ‘expert’ are probably over. “Can you do some Friends of Scouting Presentations?”

“Sure, why not” Pops sings. 15 presentations, 3 trainings and two bonfires later…. The tears still flow. Now they are tears of joy at seeing kids fooling around and parents enjoying the nonsense just as much. And the parents? They laugh the hardest and sing the loudest when anyone proclaims the dreaded A word.

I hear it coming, oh no, not again, please, anything but that….. Announcements, announcements….. I can’t wait to throw cheese curls under my Assistant Cub master’s tent. Anyone who ever went Scout camping knows what that means.

I’ll get to the recipes later this week. I have a skit to prepare.

Keep dreaming dreams and you’ll see miracles.

Copyright Abundantoldsoul 2012

This is why I do this

sing it loud and proud


Scouting has been good for my kids and me too

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