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Cultural Advice

Updated on February 23, 2016

IN daily lives, we can not avoid making mistakes. Many factors can be attributed to mistakes, maybe because you've forgotten, overlooked, unintentional or not getting enough information.

Thus, the practice Advise in life is one way to create harmony. Prophet s.a.w confirmed in hadith which means: 'Islam's advice. We say to whom, Messenger of Allah? He said: To Allah and His Book (the Quran) and His Messenger (Sunnah of His) and the Imams (Muslim leaders), as well as for the public '- Hadith Muslim history.

In a larger context, the practice is the responsibility of advising the advice of a Muslim to another. The Prophet s.a.w means: 'The rights and obligations of a Muslim to another Muslim are six. If you see then say hello to him and if you are invited there shall be assented to, and if he asks for advice and admonish him if he sneezes say thank God and pray for him so hopefully he blessed God and if he is ill then ziarahilah and if he dies then his body Accompany to the grave '- hadith Muslim history. S.w.t Word of God that says: 'The task I (Noah) to convey to you the commands you, and I know by revelation from Allah that which you do not know' - Surah al-Araf: 62.

Practice living Advise the claims and some related matters should be addressed. In the give and receive advice, we need to be positive, do not rush, do not arouse suspicion, constantly researching and refrain from exacting nature. S.w.t remember Allah with His word which means: "O you who believe, stay away from the most suspicion, for some suspicion is a lie '- Surah al-Hujurat: 12. Talhah bin Abdul Rahman bin Auf, a benefactor of Quraysh reprimanded by his wife, who said: "I have never met friends bad friends.

"If we win, all came to see, now when we are hard, no matter they come to see us." Her husband replied: "Nature is laudable, because they did not trouble us."

A parent can not help but to always give advice to their children. This is an obligation that must be undertaken in educating children. But what is not liked by the children is the practice attitude like quacking not located. Adopt a careful attitude and become an active listener. Turn on the atmosphere and the instinct to ask (bilateral) and avoid mistakes and seek to find a good and positive thing.

In certain circumstances, not everyone likes to listen to advice. However, given the nature of good advice, try to make themselves as positive people receiving advice. In the advisory, there have been contained alternative to solve the problems that arise. What is important in practice Advise is the spirit and practice of friendship should continue to foster.

Do not make the advice as a criticism that can hurt and feelings that can break ties. S.w.t Allah reminds us in his word, which means: 'Hold you all the rope (religion) of Allah and do not separate.' - Surah al-Imran: 103.


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