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Cute Lanyards for Girls

Updated on April 13, 2012

Are Cute Lanyards the Latest Trend?

A lanyard takes the form of a strap which is worn around the neck. It can be used for sporting purposes such as to hold a whistle, or at an event or conference to hold an identity card. Many young girls, however, are choosing to wear what they generally describe as cute lanyards as a fashion item, to hold their mobile phones in many cases.

Whilst standard lanyards come in a wide variety of colours, cute lanyards for girls are often branded with a product that will appeal to girls such as Hello Kitty or even Barbie and inevitable come in classic ‘female’ colours such as pink.

Lanyard Design Opportunities

Usually made from a strong fabric such as cotton or nylon, lanyards are practical and hard wearing. Many also have a safety factor so that if pulled around the neck, the attachment will break and not hurt the person wearing them. Whilst chord is also used at times, it is not possible to print on this material so it tends not to be used to print on cute lanyards, with flatter surfaces being more popular.

There are almost endless opportunities for companies to print an ever rotating list of favourite artists or cartoon characters, as, when girls start to go through their teen years; their taste can change rapidly and often. Hot stamping is one of the most favoured methods for printing on lanyards as this uses a single colour and has proved to be the cheapest method that there is.

For more durable and better quality lanyards, screen printing is often used. This ensures that the patterns or colours on the lanyard will not fade over time. This method is, however, more expensive. Using this method, it is simple to use the artwork that a customer has supplied and using a similar method that decorative artists use, ink is pressed through a mesh screen which then prints the fabric with the customer’s design.

example of a cute lanyard
example of a cute lanyard

Depending on what is to be attached to the lanyard, there are several options available, the most common of which being the 'O ring'. This is mostly used to attach, for example, a whistle or an ID card at a conference.

The beauty of all lanyards and especially cute lanyards for girls is that they are very cheap and can be easily produced in bulk, making them suitable even for large events whether that is a business conference or a large outdoor pop festival.


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