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Cute Mispronunciations Children Make

Updated on February 4, 2011

Little children are cute. I love the way they mispronounce words as they are learning to talk. One of my favorite words is Kepuch. I like to take the kids to Donalds (McDonalds). They like Kepuch and nustard on their hamburgers. Mmm licious!

On a warm summer day I use my mowlawner to cut the grass. Then we hop in the van and put our steepdelts on so we can go to the dosie-sore to buy groceries. We get some pasgetti for our supper. I suggested (in jest of course) that we get some liver and onions. I am told that I am being inguisting.  While there I just can’t resist temptation to get some nemins (M&M’s) for my young’uns. As we leave the dosie-sore we see an ambleeance rushing past. My little one informs me it is going to the hostible.  


Next stop is the Liberry. We need to get some books on ping wings that live in antartica and elfanents and moncaneze that live in Africa.  My kids love to learn about aminals.

We stop for a snack of samiches and stwawbewy milk. My youngest can’t finish all his milk so he will take it home and put it in the frijamarator for later.

On our way home we pass a construction site. The kids admire the big mix cementers. At home we all pile out of the van as a flutterby floats past. It flys up and up and lands on the top of the chimbly. The stwawbewy milk gets dropped but it is ok. The bottle doesn’t break because it is made of plaskit. We stop to pet the woof woof before going inside.

While playing in the living room someone falls down and skins his rainbow (elbow). I clean him up and put on a banaid. Then I fix the pasgetti and we sit down to supper. I pour each of us some milk and am asked if the milk is outrageous (outdated).  I check and it is fine so we enjoy our meal. Afterward we go outside and I build a little fire and we roast barn swallows for desert (marshmallows)

The neighbor’s little girl comes over to play butterscotch (hopscotch) with my daughter while the boys wrestle on the lawn.


As we watch the boom (sun) slowly disappear below the western horizon I tell my young’uns that today is Tuesday. I ask if anyone knows what tomorrow is. I am told that tomorrow is threesday.

It is so delightfull to watch little kids. They are so energetic and enthusiastic about everything. Take time to enjoy them. Consider taking them with you when you go out rather than hiring a babysitter. As I write this article, my kids are behind me playing with toy cars. They are also helping me remember the funny things they used to say when they were younger. Yes they can be distracting at times but I know they will be grown and gone before I am ready and I don’t want to waste the time I have with them.

I know it takes 18 to 20 years for most kids to grow up but it will only seem like a few days. I can hardly believe how big they are already. It seem like they were babies yesterday and I was thinking I had plenty of time to worry about issues that we would face when they were older.  A few weeks ago, however,  my daughter told me she likes a boy at church. Wait a minute! My little baby girl? NO WAY! Sadly…yes way. She is growing up and it is happening way too fast. If you have kids, cherish every moment you get with them. There won’t be enough.  


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