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DAD: The Greatest Man In My Life, Part II

Updated on August 29, 2012

The Greatest Man In My life

Chepkoluumugulel's Dad
Chepkoluumugulel's Dad | Source

Dad did not have much, but he has been present through it all.

My father has been first and foremost a spiritual leader to me. He introduced me to the things of God and guided me at an earlier age to the right path. He taught me about the existence of a super power who created heavens and earth, and that we should worship him and him alone. Father, also being a professional teacher, has been my personal tutor. He taught me how to hold my first pencil and how to write my name, ride my bicycle and ooh yes! How to dress my self too. It is interesting that even though I have now attained more education than him, I still call him and seek his counsel pertaining to academics. Sometimes he just laughs it off because the questions can be tough, but still will try to answer it to the best of his knowledge. I still learn a lot from him for he will always be my teacher. He is also a counselor and active listener. As we all know, men are not suppose to be emotional in anything that seems to be a universal/global law. Father will try to protect his children and will try to hold his emotions as much as he can when we are going through a rough time. You could tell that he is empathizing with you in your struggles and he will always takes care of the situation. When I go through challenging times, my father is always there for me. He always listened and gives encouraging words that will restore my spirit. He always reminds me that despite my setbacks, I need to rise up and let the situations be a learning experience that will prevent me from repeating the same mistakes. He is also a good disciplinarian. We (children) better be organized, be on time and not mess up on purpose. When we go to church, we better not misbehave. We have to listen attentively because, in the evening during family devotions, we will provide a summary of what the minister/speaker/pastor talked about in church among other activities. Do not fall behind in school either; that would put us in big trouble. Well, if we went against all these, we all know what will happen that evening. We might go to bed with some mild sour bottom. For those who may think this is child abuse, it was not because this is not causing any major bodily injury and this parental discipline is acceptable and encourage in my community. His act of disciplining us in love has made me and my siblings to be successful into what we are today.

Daddy keep it new
Daddy keep it new | Source

Father sacrificed and is still sacrificing for us; us first, him last.

When I was in my early teens, I was bothered by one thing. I use to see my father not buying anything for himself yet he could lavish us with almost everything we could ask for. I could see some neighbors and relatives having new and admirable suits which evident their frequent stops at Men’s Warehouse. I always wished my daddy had the same, but then I knew he was sacrificing to make sure we came first and be comfortable before he could think of himself. When I understand better about his sacrificial demeanor, I made a promise to myself; that I will lavish him too in the future with the most expensive, current, designer suits and shoes that any father could have asked for. I thank God that today, my father has as many suits and shoes of all designs that he could not afford, when we were growing up. My mother has been trying to stop me from purchasing these items by saying that dad already has too many, but I don’t think I am completely convinced yet. I do the same for my mother too.

Thank You to 'All Dads'

I salute all the fathers who have been and those who have tried to be in the lives of their children. Your efforts will never go unrealized. Your children will grow up and will return back the favor. Thank you fathers for doing whatever it takes to take care of your children. You did not just become a sperm donor, but you became somebody special in the lives of your children. Your blessing is on the way. You may not realize them now, but you will do so in future. Be in the life of your child and he/she will be in yours later on in life, when you need them most. I belief in the words from the good book, that ‘You will surely reap what you sow”. Thank you Daddy and all fathers out there. May God richly bless you.


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