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Updated on May 6, 2011


Being on vacation at our holidaycomplex in Turkey, gives me ample time to watch the new generation of parents trying to deal with their offspring. Now every generation thinks the one after them is fouling it up and whether that is right or wrong, I see some wide variations in parental care and control.

There is no greater divergence in standards than in dealing with the toddler years, in my observations. Some parents are well on the way to bringing up willful, self obsessed chidren, whilst others are seemingly determined to raise repressed and uncertain clones of themselves, or worse. These are admittedly the two parameters and maybe it has always been one side of the middle or the other.Currently, the present range of parents seem genuinely lost as .to how to deal with their youngsters and as a result seemwell on the wayto failing at the second hurdle so to speak.

I get enough material in a week to write 10 or more hubs on the mistakes I observe parents making daily, which ultimately ends in conflict between parent and toddler. Catting to young parents, mums and dads, identified key areas they wish they had guidance on and a plan to follow, as you can see below.

Things Most Parents Want.

I made a list of the most important areas they wished toreceive outside help on and here they are:

1. They, as parents, want to understand what their child wants emotionally and be able to fulfil those needs.

2. They desperately want to lessen the number of temper tantrums, they are involved in daily.

3. They want less "battles" between them.

4.They want to know how to reduce temper tantrums and how to deal with them when they occur.

Those are the key areas and confirmed by members of my own family when consulted recently. So, I am directing all who wish to deal with the problem to the link below which covers the whole spectrum of those problems and more, in a clear and easily understood manner, which will provide clear guidelines for all areas .

Raising youngsters is not an easy task, but it is not impossible and by following proven paths as set out, there is no reason to fear that you cannot do right for both your children and yourself. Do not despair, take positive action and reap the rewards.


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      cassie fuller 

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