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DIY Sensory Table

Updated on May 14, 2015

One day, we decided that HLG needed a sensory table. She loves getting her hands messy with different types of textures and materials. She had just started pulling herself up and getting active, so we thought...What better way to get her feeling all sorts of textures than to get her in front of a table that can hold all sorts of textures?

So, we started doing some research. We were shocked to see how much these things cost. We found some between $100 and $200. (way out of our budget!)

I took a look at these tables...they are merely 4 legs and a container to hold stuff. I thought...I could build that and make it better!

I took some measurements. Made a few trips to Home Depot. Bought some wood. Bought some trim. Bought a few larger tupperware containers with lids. Bought some paint. And VOILA! I was on my way to constructing a sensory table.

First, I measured out four 4x4s to act as legs for support. Next, I framed the sides and measured out the opening for the tupperware containers. I must give myself a pat on the back. The tupperware containers fit in there quite nice. (It usually takes me one mess up to get it right.) Finally, I measure out a nicer piece of thick plywood for the lid and trim for the edges. Here's what my little project looked like without any paint or trim on the lid.

In order to get the table ready for painting, I filled all my screw and nail holes with some wood putty. Went through the proper steps and allowed the putty to dry, then sanded it down. Some holes took more than one application to fill. My patience was at an all time high.

Once I felt the holes were filled properly, I sanded the entire table and slapped a few coats of exterior paint on it. The lid was treated with a chalk board paint so HLG could use it to draw when we don't want her getting messy or wet.

I'd love to bore you with the actual measurements of the wood, but I'll spare you the details.

HLG loves playing in this thing. The best part of this is the two different bins to hold stuff. One is actually a bit deeper than the other, so we can put all sorts of goodies in there. And since it's an outdoor accessory for HLG, she can get as messy as she wants.

Some things we've put in there include:

  • sand
  • cake mix
  • mashed potato flakes
  • water
  • moon sand
  • cooked macaroni
  • uncooked macaroni
  • legos
  • blocks

Really, you can put anything in there!


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