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DIY Storage Boxes - Easy to make even with no skills!

Updated on March 29, 2015

Storage Cubes Are Great!

I love my storage cubes! I have grid ones in my classroom and in my bedroom closet, and I have the fancy white ones in my son's room. It seems I always need more storage, especially in my classroom, but it's tough to get things that match and look ok and are still cheap. I came up with this method, and the best part is that it really requires very little time, effort, or skill. I'm not one of those long-craft people; I'm really more instant-gratification. This fits the bill!

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • A square diaper box (you can find other boxes similarly-sized or bum diaper boxes off co-workers, students' parents, etc.)
  • Spray paint
  • Duct tape in coordinating colors to the spray paint
  • If you can draw: a Sharpie-type permanent parker
  • If you can't draw: an image you like, a foam brush, and Mod-Podge

Step One

Begin by taking your diaper box and using sharp scissors to cut off the flaps. Do your best to keep the cut-line straight so that the finished product looks nicer.

Step Two

Take the box outside and lay it on a sheet or newspapers. With the bottom side of the box facing down, spray paint the outside of the box. Do not do what I did and get too close to the box or apply too much at a time or you will end up with drips. Not cool... Let them box dry outside or in the garage for about an hour. Do not let it dry inside or you are bound to lose a few brain cells...

Step Three

Once the box has dried, apply strips of duct tape to the corners and edges. I did the vertical edges first and then I finished with the top and bottom horizontal edges. Pull tape off the roll and hold it next to the box edge, cutting it at the right size for that particular edge. The tape goes around each edge, so half is showing on each side.

Decorate It!

If you want / are able to draw:

  • Draw a picture on it in Sharpie once everything is dry. The sheet I set the box on flipped against the box due to wind. Because of this, the paint on the front was ruined and gloppy. I followed the paint glops and drew a dragon-critter.

If you can't draw / want a nice image

  • Cut an image out from an old children's book or from wrapping paper or from a greeting card or whatever.
  • Apply Mod-Podge to the back of the image with the foam paintbrush, and smooth the image out onto the front of the box.
  • Once the Mod-Podge is dry, you can brush some more over the image to protect it and keep it from peeling.


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