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Updated on August 18, 2012



What do you know about your teenage children, how much do you really know about them? At what age did you check out or give up, or are you so close to them that you can’t see them doing any wrong? When you hear about teenagers being bullied, who are the bullies and is your teenager a victim, a bully or just not involved and how sure are you about that?

What about these bush parties, you know the ones held somewhere out in the woods where teens get together to drink, do drugs and other things. Are your teens not apart of it, are they not even aware of it or maybe you are the one that isn’t aware of it? Look at these house parties, what is happening there, is there drinking, drugs and other things.

Even more alarming are your teens virginities, are they virgins, do you know or do you even want to know? Have you spoken to them about how they feel or do you fear to ask them that impossible question? If they answer you, would you even believe it?

What about drugs, are your kids on drugs, do they show signs of unexplained behaviours, or do you just not want to know because if you knew the truth, what would you do? In a lot of schools today teens are doing drugs, do not fool yourself, the question is; are your teens one of them? Are you talking to your kids about it or is it something that you just don’t want to know?

Many teens are set up outside of school smoking on the sidewalk, are you okay with your teen smoking? With all the research showing the dangers of smoking and as parents we have seen the devastating outcome of smoking, are we just okay with our children smoking when we know what is ahead for them down the line? Is it that as parents we realize that there is nothing that we can do when our teen starts smoking or do we just don’t care and do you know if it is your teen smoking on the sidewalk outside his/her school?

Do you really know your teenager or do you trust them so much that you couldn’t imagine that they would be doing anything wrong?

Well there are teenagers doing these things, these teenagers have to belong to someone, are you sure it isn’t your teen? Okay, how about drinking and driving, are your teens driving and are you sure they are not drinking and driving?

What are your teenage children doing on the internet, is it homework or something else? Who are they talking to, are they friends or strangers, are they cyber bullying someone or are they giving out personal information to strangers, do you know what they are doing?

How about video games, what games are they playing, who are they playing it with and how dangerous can it become? Is it even okay for your children to be playing video games all day and night with strangers, what are they learning from them? Are your teens acquiring firearms and storing them in their rooms waiting for that day when they can turn a video game to real life? How much do you really know about your teenagers?

What about those teenagers that are constantly locked in their rooms, what are they trying to say? Are they feeling alone and lost, are they entertaining thoughts of depression or suicide, do they feel that they have no life or their life is not worth anything? Are you talking to them, are you trying to find out how you can help, are you there for them or is it going to be one of those times when you will be saying that you should have known?

How much do we know about our teenagers, are they bringing things home that you didn’t buy for them, are you asking where they got it from and are you checking on it? What kinds of lives are your teens living and are you involved in their lives or are you leaving it up to them?

Do you know your teenage children or are you too afraid of them to even want to know and if you are afraid of them imagine how much he/she must scare other teens. Maybe you just don’t want to know or maybe you are too afraid to know or maybe you have tried so hard that you have just given up on knowing.

Do we believe that our teenagers are the perfect teenagers and that we know everything about them and what they are up against? Maybe we are so tired of parenting that when our children became teenagers we just gave up or have we become a generation of parents that just don’t know what to do to help our teenagers. Whatever the reasons are, your teenagers are going on in life and they are going to affect many other people along the way. Do we even have an idea of what kind of adult they will become?

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs people can have and it’s started with the best intentions, however as children get older they begin to change or shall we say grow up. Most parents hope that they have installed some positive values in their children that will guide them into a better direction as they get older but what we do as parents can sometimes be upset by anything.

When your children enter that teenage stage it could be one of the most challenging times for parents and teens as well. A simple change in your teen could be just from the friends that they have and how do parents control that?

As teens get older so do their parents and after years of raising your child into a teenager, as a parent you may just be a little worn out and taking on the challenges of a teenager may prove to be overwhelming.

Ask yourself the tough question and that is Do You Know Your Teenage Children, it is just a simple question. There are no solutions listed here because no one really has an answer, as parents, hopefully, we are doing the best that we can. We can hope for the best with our teenage children but let’s just open up our eyes and get a real look at what kind of teenager we are raising.


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