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Updated on June 6, 2015

An Open Care For Our Grandparents

This special article is a tribute to all great grandparents who were victors in life's struggle. I'd like to express my intense affection to people who were in their old age as those they're in their days being numbered.

At times, when you look around the streets seeing homeless old folks lying on the corners, I do believed you can also ask yourself, "What if I'm like that old man's situation when my age fade away when no one dare to care for me?

Perhaps you may not think this kind of life's reality because you're yet in your very young age, a blooming days wherein you're yet able to do things well. You may seem not care about aged people in our times as we're too cared about own wealth for self-efficiency. Due to lack of self-evaluation many seems untouched by the pains and sufferings of old people across the world.

Are there many concerned citizens especially the modern generation in our time who truly cared the poor old folks? Many relatives who had abled bodies just prefer to hire agencies for their old great grandparents even if they had so much time to take care of them. They dare took the responsibility how similar care when children had been taken care of when they were yet very young.

Every child must realize the fact that when we were young, our great grandparents did not hire any nursing institution in order to provide nursing care for us. Neither an instance how our great grandparents had been so patient when we were helpless and unable to feed ourselves and attended our medication when we got sick. We were properly nourished by them, nortured us and had given serious guidance. Many times, we had received the share of life's legacy in order to assure our success and had enough strength so we could stand in our own feet. It's the assurance they had prepared long before so that when we have our own family and children we will be found stable.

However ask yourself now, "Where are the most old aged people in our times who are helpless and unable to do to take care their own selves like a very young child?" How certain are they in a present situation where they lived a life with comfort and care from their loveones especially their children? I'm so certain what great grandparents longed for. Certainly, the old great grandparents' longing and wish right now is their loveone's care. It's the longing of care with that same child care they also spent when we were yet helpess.

Our fading time is the time when we go back to a helpless condition. However, the affection of loveones to stand until life's end for better or for worse depends on the affection of parents and great grand-children. When you truly loved them then show the real personal care in like manner when you were helpless. It's a great honor and privilege to show respect to our great grandparents by way of extending our personal care, patience, and above all wide understanding.

If you love your great grandparents then please don't think of avoiding your role to give and show your personal care for them even if you have plenty of resources. It's the affection and quality time they need from their children of which there's no amount of price can compare. It's the time when parents no longer need your money but love.

Great grandprents' children must think how at times they would personally provide and share comfort to at least give them hope to make their lives even more happier and felt so much success of their own. Let them feel they are proud you as they experienced the significant feeling of joy and happiness due to your unmeasurable compassion since you are motivated by love and deep concern.

Home for the aged is the loneliest place for our old aged folks in our times. They had been taken care of according to the service brought by certain material price but not the priceless care of love and affection from loveones. It's the love they wanted to be with their children and nearest family that encouraged them to breath a life of peace to even fulfill their days.

It's really amazing to consider the fact that when you had compassion to take care the true pillars of our home, then set yourself to be ready to take it as an honor and privilege to be thoughtful and concern about our great grandparents.

Let's treat them with love, care, and respect.



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