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Dad - A Daughter’s First Love

Updated on January 12, 2022
A father, guardian, friend, superhero and first love of life
A father, guardian, friend, superhero and first love of life | Source

Yesterday while surfing on the internet, I came across to a quote about father- daughter relationship with a picture of baby girl sitting in dad's lap, and my childhood memories started flashing before my eyes. The quote was:

“To a girl, a father is her first love.”

Since my childhood my dad was a superhero and first love of my life. Though I was not an only child or only daughter of my parents but they never missed any opportunity to make me and my siblings feel special as well as lucky for them .

Father is Daughter’s first love.

From the very first day of her life, He is the first man whose presence gives her a warm feeling of protection. When she looks up into his eyes she can see all the love and feels herself special as she knows this love is never going to end. He is the first and most influential person of her life and his love is unconditional.

She feels safe and secure with him.

She could not think of any requirement in her childhood as strong as the requirement for a father’s protection. When he is around her, she feels herself safe and secure. But a dad who is busy with work knows what a bad feeling it is for him when she needed him the most, he was'nt there. He feels by the time this happens, a part of him has been lost.

He brings out the best in her and grooms her personality.

His presence and perceptions impact on her behavior.

For her, He is the most influential people in her life. Every girl whether she is a kid or a grown women, desire for love and attention from him and the positive presence of father can be a gift for her from birth through adulthood. His influence on her life shapes her confidence and self-esteem.

How He behaves with others, how he approaches life, what are his views and perceptions about life’s challenges, all these serves an example for her to build her own life. He should always try to model a thoughtful approach to life's big situations and questions with honesty and integrity so that she can do the same in her own life and can develop into a strong and confident woman.

When She lose a relation and doesn’t come out of trauma for days, months and years, he keeps her motivating and says-

“It was destined but you should be contented as you were victim not criminal. “

Makes her understand sometimes like a friend.

Sometimes like a strict teacher.

He shows the right path though it could be difficult.

He makes her ready to deal with life’s challenges so that she learns lessons wisely and come out as a strong woman. He gives her the self-confidence to do the things on her own. Other times when fathers are afraid, girls make them judge that taking risk is good; all she need is his love, support and trust.

When it comes to careers, He is the person She goes to for getting proper guidance. He shows the right path to make her achieve the dreams but with self-esteem and taught her to understand the clear boundary between ego and self-respect. He never stops their girls to aim high but on the other hand also make them aware of life’s reality by sharing their experiences.

When She fails to achieve her dreams and doesn’t want to try again, he gives her strength and says-

“Failure means you are getting another chance to get it more enthusiastically than earlier.”

He teaches how a girl should be treated by a man.

Every dad not only wants her princess to be respected but he feels that she deserves to be respected. It doesn’t matter what is his financial condition, he always want to give her “the best” and treats her like a princess. When she gets married He want the boy should be more caring then him, should respect and love her that she deserves. So the girls will never allow anyone to disrespect and misuse them. How he treats her mother also impacts on her and shows her how a girl, woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife should be treated and respected by a man and every relation.

When She gets hurt and doesn’t able to trust others, he brings the confidence and says-

“Their rites doesn’t allow them to value you, not your fault, thier lose.”


She wants to marry a man like him.

Daughters most likely want to marry a man like their dad. So many women go on to marry risky men reason being the behaviors father model are likely what girl is going to be attracted to whether he is loving or abusive. If he is unstable or violent, girl is used to that and she won’t blink when a guy let her down because it’s just how life already is for her. In this situation He conditioned her to accept the person that is not worthy of her interest.

Dad's unconditional love for her princess.

The father-daughter relationship is unbeatable. The day seems incomplete and they feel restless, if they don’t talk or aren’t around each other to share what happened throughout the day. Girls learn from their dad’s ability to take up responsibilities and their cares about the family, which makes her loving, caring as well strong and King feels proud of him raising a wonderful princess.


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