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Dag, I'm Sick

Updated on March 11, 2011

 I DO NOT make a good sick person.  I hardley ever get sick, Don't have time to be sick, and HATE BEING SICK. I am into my third day with some kind of crud tha't going around, and I'm so tired of it. Coughing until my ribs feel like they're cracked, short of breath from being stopped up, and and the stuff that's supposed to stop the aches, fever, runny nose and etc. isn't doing a thing (well maybe a little), but not fast enough. I've had to cancel two meetings, and a rehearsal. And the way I'm feeling this will also be a short HUB today.

I remember when I was a kid and mama had everything I needed to make me feel better, including the homemade chicken soup. Where's mama anyway? In Minnesota, in her warm apartment, whishing she could be here in Washington to take care of her baby. Why'd she have to put me out anyways - oh, that was about 40 years ago.  Being sick at mama's meant a heavy, handmade quilt was put on top of me, she rubbed my chest with stinky stuff, that floated up in my nose, and gave me the worst tasting hot totty stuff, BUT when I woke up I was better. Missing you today mama. 

Mama is 82 and doing far better thnI am right now. Got to cough again - Bye y'all!



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      Gloria 7 years ago

      Take care Jay. You are right, you don't have the "sick person, can't do anything" disposition!