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Updated on July 29, 2016

The day started like a rose blossoms on a rainy day..
Everyone was very happy cause it was her wedding day..!
She was looking like a fairy in her wedding dress..
Her beauty was on peak as anyone can get easily impress.!
Her jewellery was giving her the golden touch...
She was ready to go with her clutch..!
Her eyes were looking amazing and had glitters...
If someone would have truly noticed it was her tears..!
Everyone was looking at her with gaze..
She was from a family with strong base..!
Her father was looking at her with tears of happiness..
Afterall he will the one who'll miss her madness..!
Her mother was the one who was not even looking at her...
Afterall she raised her... how can she gave her to another..!
The Groom was looking at the bride to catch her attention..
He forgot that her bride is nervous and she is in tension..!
She looked at her parents to grab their attention..
To make them realise that everything will be fine cause afterall it was their decision..!
Her friends were asking is she happy ?
She looked at her parents and said yes long as they are happy..!
She had lots of doubts of after marriage in her mind..
But then she realised it will be him who'll make everything fine..!
She had a feeling of satisfaction in her heart..
Afterall it was all her parents who were in her heart..!
She hugged her father and asked will you miss me..
Her father with tears in her eyes said yes I will but you got someone who'll love you more than me..!
The father gave piece of his heart to some guy that day..
With the hope that the he was the most deserving guy..!
The Clouds cried hard that day..
Afterall a parent sent their heart away..!


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    • Anisha Vyas profile image

      Anisha Vyas 21 months ago from Jodhpur, India

      Thank You Nikita :)

    • profile image

      Nikita Gandhi 22 months ago

      Its just awsmm blosssommm.....and sooo trueeee... :* :* :* :*