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Daycare Centers – Tips for Choosing the Best Daycare Provider

Updated on November 2, 2010

Fastest Growing Business

Child Daycare is one of the fastest growing industries now. For the parents who have small children, choosing the right daycare provider is one of the top priorities. We want to make sure that our loved ones are well taken care of when we are away earning a living and building the future for them. Every child daycare says that they provide the best child care for the kids. But some daycare centers are well suited for your child needs than others.

Daycare centers have different operating guideline and rules. Some are mandated by the government and others are formulated by daycare management. Most daycare centers require two weeks of notice if you decide to stop sending your kid to the daycare center. Some daycare centers have gym so that kids can play there if it is too cold to go out to the play place. Usually they will give the meal schedule (breakfast, lunch and snack) at the beginning of the week, so that parents know in advance what they are going have for each day. In the beginning you may have to experiment with different daycares to see which one you like the best. If you child gets severely sick, in some cases they will waive the two week notice period, so you can stop sending the child to that daycare immediately.

Choosing the right daycare keep your child happy and well developed.
Choosing the right daycare keep your child happy and well developed.

Big or Small Daycare Center?

One of the disadvantages of child daycares with many children is that, someone or the other is always sick at any given time. This increases the probability of your child getting sick. Daycares are breeding centers for bacterial and viral infections. The more kids they have in a room, the more chances of your kid getting sick. Some people argue that if kids get sick more often, their immunity power increases and they don't get sick anymore. I don't know the validity of the above statement, but I have seen cases where prolonged cold and bacterial infection turn into Pneumonia with high fever and unconsciousness.

As part of choosing the right daycare, you may want to consider daycares with smaller strength. If you can afford, the ideal situation would be to hire somebody to take care of your child at your home. In this case you child stay at home only, so there no change in the environment. If your child is really small, less than 1 year of age, this woks out really great. But if the child is more than 2 years of age, they may get bored staying at home all the time. Also hiring somebody to take care of your child at your home may not be possible for everybody because of financial reasons.

Home Daycare Providers

The other option would be to send your kid to a home daycare provider. Major advantage of the home daycare providers is that they will have very few kids, usually 5 or 6. They will take care of kids at their home, so kids can have homely atmosphere. Kids can enjoy home cooked food and individual attention. Your kid sickness frequency will be reduced because the chances of having a sick child all the time is less as the number of kids are less. 

The disadvantage is that, since only one person takes care of all children, when she takes a day off you or someone in the family have to stay home and take care of the kid(s). Even though it is registered daycare, it may not run professionally. You kids may not enjoy playing with the latest and greatest toys and going to the gym and working out. There may be no sign-in and sign-out sheets and record of what they eat and how much. There is nobody to question if she forgets to give breakfast or snack for kids.

Including home daycare providers, all daycare centers charge an extra fee (on hourly basis) when you pick up your child later than agreed time schedule. You need to adjust your work schedule or arrange some one to pick your child when you had to work late hours. Also this may work well when your child goes to a home daycare.

When you build enough relationship with your home daycare provider, they may waive this fee. Experimenting with different daycares to see which one will be a better fit for you and your child is worth the effort. It will require some trial and error but it is possible to find a good daycare center for your child. When you find the daycare your child loves, he/she will be happy to go to the daycare which means you have eliminated a major concern and are free to focus on other tasks. 


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