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Operating Tips On Caring For Kids - Part 10

Updated on March 20, 2011

You've taken the steps to get your center in good order. Based on the program evaluation you know what your current customers think of you, and you know your strengths. If you have decided to market your program through the use of brochures or other written forms, it is a good idea to start collecting brochures, flyers, and advertisements from other businesses and kids care programs. Determine what you liked and didn't like about each piece and use your likes and dislikes as the initial foundation for your design.

Then create a consistent logo or slogan for your program. Consistency adds strength to your advertising. Use your logo and slogan on your stationery, in your ads, your program and family handbooks. Do-it-yourself people should be cautious. Poor grammar, ineffective layout and design, and poorly completed printing jobs can send a very negative message. Be careful to avoid negative connotations in your slogan and logo selection.

Utilizing the Internet and creating a Web site for your program is no longer a torturous or expensive process. Many Web companies offer simple Web pages for little to no cost. These sites have built-in instructions to aid the novice in the basic design of a Web page. You no longer need to be an expert in programming and coding or even know what the meaning of HTML is. There are ample places you can find through a simple search engine query where you can just type in the specific words that best define your business in a format that resembles a data entry form. No coding to be seen anywhere at all. Then you can upload a couple of photos that you might already have on your hard drive, press Publish and you're done. Instant web presence in a matter of minutes with no pain, no strain, no coding, no learning what a tag is, and best of all without paying some web designer well into three or even four figures to make the website up for you!

Projects, such as the label collection programs, allow for the increase in involvement from your program parents and the community. This increase in involvement can translate to an increase in revenue or at least a decrease in expenses.

How does that work? For the parents: an involved parent is a committed parent and that reduces family-turnover and increases positive word-of-mouth advertising. Utilizing the parents' skills in areas such as landscaping, building-maintenance, and desktop publishing could help reduce overall expenses.

With the community: businesses, civic, and professional associations that are involved in your program may be willing to find other ways to help. After becoming familiar with your center, businesses may donate items, provide special funding, offer technical assistance, or other forms of support. Civic and professional associations may offer scholarships, assist with fundraisers, or provide volunteers for special events.

Creating a marketing plan and increasing your center's revenue are important factors for your program's continued success. It may be a difficult task, but it isn't impossible. Try it!

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