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Operating Tips On Caring For Kids - Part 8

Updated on March 20, 2011

Check with the elementary schools each quarter to offer to update your flyer or newsletter in their resource binder. Make friends with the school office personnel they often are a referral source for parents who need kids care for all different age groups.

Call the unified school district office in your area and get the names of the kindergarten teachers at each school. Deliver some of your publicity to the school office and have it put in that particular teacher's box.

Make an inexpensive flyer about your program and canvas your neighborhood, posting it on each door. You heard right. . . Hoof it around your immediate vicinity even take the children with you won't believe the good folks you will meet!

If you provide a program caring for infants, take your newsletter or a business card to nearby centers that do not provide infant care. Watch your referrals grow quickly with this one!

Contact large employers in your vicinity hospitals, schools, industries, colleges and post your brochure on their staff bulletin board. Most employers welcome this source of help to their many employees.

Search the Internet for free referrals on kids care Web sites where you can get your business listed at no charge. Definitely visit When searching, helpful keywords include kids care, daycare, children and schools.

Call your local health clubs and large employers (family-friendly businesses that produce a newsletter) and ask if you can place an announcement even a small one in their newsletter.

Offer each of your current clients an incentive for referring children to your program. We recommend a dollar amount off of their next month's bill or a toy for their child. Regardless of what you choose, remember that it has to motivate your parents to want to put out the good word about you and your program.

Contact each neighborhood church that does not provide any type of kids care and send them your flyer or business card. Many families seek referral information from their congregation.

Wear a tag with your name and the name of your center wherever you go! You won't believe how many conversations will occur as people share information about their children, concerns and current kids care situation. Be armed with lots of business cards. You will make plenty of valuable contacts just by wearing that nametag in public.

Look in the Yellow Pages under "Welcome Wagon" and give them a call. They are always looking for more businesses to feature in their gift baskets. Usually they ask that you provide a small token or gift to be placed in the basket. This would be a perfect time to create a gift certificate that offers a new parent who signs up a gift such as free registration.

In the Broadway musical The Music Man, a salesman enters the fictitious river city to convince residents to purchase non-existent musical instruments. His marketing success was based on the key principle of knowing the customer wanted more than musical instruments. Kids care businesses that hope to compete in today's consumer-driven market must utilize the same marketing principle or business will not thrive.

Continued In Operating Tips On Caring For Kids - Part 9

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