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Dealing with Behaviour issues in special needs children

Updated on December 4, 2012
Her favorite charactor
Her favorite charactor | Source


As a mother of two special needs children we face challenges every day but lately my seven year daughter has been having some serious meltdowns that are frankly hard to handle. When you have a special needs child, behavior kind of comes with the territory if you know what I mean. Now my daughter hasn't been diagnosed with Autism but she does have some Autistic like features that require extra attention so she doesn't hurt herself. Her tantrums start off as screaming fits that can quickly transition into pulling her hair, scratching herself, banging her head, biting herself and lastly she will use profanity on herself. I can truthfully say that as a parent it is very heartbreaking watching your child hurt themselves and sometimes I feel discouraged because I can't help her. However it is my job to keep her safe so between the doctors, therapists and my husband and I we came up with some strategies. When she starts, either my husband or I will give her a hug from behind and rock her back and forth until she is calm enough to tell us what is bothering her. If that doesn't work I make sure that she has her lanyard with her teething ring on it so she can chew and bite on it instead of herself. Unfortunately those techniques don't always work and we have been forced to throw in the shower. Obviously when in public there isn't showers so we are got a service dog trained to help redirect her behavior. At least with the service dog we dont always have to leave public places. She tends to calm down faster when she is around her dog. The service dog surprisingly enough really helps because she loves to give my daughter kisses. After the kisses she will most of time forget what she is mad about in the first place and start laughing.

Well that is how I deal with my daughters meltdowns and I am interested in hearing how the rest of the parents out there deal with it to. Maybe I can use your techniques as well and make her day a little better.


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    • Darkproxy profile image


      6 years ago from Ohio

      Oddly enough our school system just throws these labels at boys so they can dose em up with ritalin. I may as well start using Ritalin instead of the chemical compound.

    • Cik Hani profile image

      Cik Hani 

      6 years ago from Malaysia


      I still new in special education cause I only worked with them around 2 years. But based on my experience, working with Autism is not as easy as we think. My principal always said :

      1. Set the boundaries, so they know the limit.

      2. Introduce the boundaries/limits/rules.

      3. Train and reinforce the rule. (Hardest time cause we must 'fight' until we win the 'war'.)

      4. Repeat the steps 2 and 3 step consistently.

      Here is the link that might useful to you too.

      May God bless your family always. He loves you.

      Cheers from Malaysia,

      Hani (^^,)Y

    • American View profile image

      American View 

      7 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I wish I had an answer for you. Nothing gets to me more than a child who is suffering. I have neen dating a lady who has an Autistic child, he is 10 years old. He has been having a hard time before I met her. The doctor had just changed his meds back then and she said he improved a lot. I just treat him like I do everyone else. I talk straight to him, I do not talk down nor do I change my voice or pitch. I try to work in his likes, for example, he loves Star Wars so I will tell him Star Wars Jokes, he loves them. I will mention his name on my online talk show, It makes him feel important. First time I did it His Mom said he jumped up and down and said he is famous. I made the following 2 blogs whan I first started dating her so I could understand what they faced. I do not know if it will help, but I provided them for you. Also, I do not know if there is a Childrens Hospital near you, but they are great in treating children for things like this. My girlfriends son just went through more testing to see how to better treat him.

      Here is the link to the one here. I hope this helps


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