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Fast tips on how to deal with children

Updated on July 9, 2010

Your kids do not listen to you?

First of all, you have to know that children are just little human-beings, so do not blame them if they do not like orders and do not obey all the time. In stead, STOP yelling and shouting in their faces and recontact with them in a new calm way as follows:

1- Be their older friend: talk to them friendly, listen to them carefully and encourage them to talk or to express their thoughts and feelings.

2- Learn eye-to-eye contact: if they did a mistake, your first response should be the eye-to-eye contact to show them that that was wrong or that you are upset (Do NOT yell).

3- Say "please" in your requests: this will learn them how to talk in decent and social correct way.

4- Be patient: you may need to repeat your message many times specially in 3-5 years old children and do not rush them if there is something they can not do, just encourage them to keep trying.

5- Reward them when well acting and do NOT EVER yell to them in front of foreign people or in front of their own friends.

6- Go out with your kids: have fun and spend more time with them. Children love and memorize their moments with parents.

7- Read stories: all children love stories which give you more chance to learn them a lot of goodies and experiences.

Your kids lie to you?

Well, you have to know that most children lie as a first-line self-defense!!

Depending on that:

1- Do not fear you kid all the time with punishments if he do mistakes and of course do not scream in his face as mentioned later

2- Try not to create a situation that pressure your child to lie; for example, if he entered the kitchen and broke a dish, do not yell to him directly, he my say " it was my little brother". Just calm down and go to the kitchen then ask him what happened.

3- Reward him for telling the truth and being brave THEN deal with the misdeed by applying appropriate consequence.

4- Take care that some children may lie to escape in their imagination. Those may need more love and care.


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