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Dear Dhri

Updated on August 20, 2017
Deepali Sharma profile image

Deepali Sharma is an art enthusiast and an author who through her art form tries to bring out the darkest and the deepest facets of life.

Dear Dhri
Know this, I love you.
I love it when my room echoes with your laughter.
I love it when that swing dances with your twitch
I love it when your eyes shine out of love
I love it when your feet stumble when you crawl
I love it when your arms search for a lap

Know this,
After all these years
You'll grow into a man
A man they'll tell not to be what he could.

But know this
Be what you could.
This life will give you all the love
And this life will grab you by the neck
If your room sings of pain
Fill it up with giggles.
Jump on that swing and go for the rise.
Look for the love that blinks in your eyes.
Let your feet stumble
You'll learn from the fall.
And when the arms feel heavy of the weight on your palms,
Lay on that lap for the hum of that song.

© 2017 Deepali Sharma


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