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FREE Death Records Online

Updated on August 14, 2011

It was the way of county folk.

If you are working on your family tree and find you need a death date, check online first. gives death dates for many states. Just plug in the link, click on the state you think they died in and follow the instructions. The ones listed as an example here are free on the site. Others require a subscription to

For Louisiana, the death record has to be at least fifty years old. Every state is different in what it offers on this site, as well as the dates available.

My MACHEN family lived in Winn Parish, Louisiana. All Louisiana entries are for deaths between 1900 and 1956. The entries from 1956 to 1961 are not yet available online, but you can get them at the Louisiana State Archives.

Again, I state: each state is different in what it offers in the online searchable database.

Knowing many of these people as relatives, I know several of the names are spelled wrong, especially the baby who died at two months of age. Her name was Imogene, not Irma G. I am sure you can figure out which was my grandmother. My grandfather died in 1966, so he is not listed.

You are viewing 1 – 7 of 7 results. Please refine your search to narrow your results.
Click order in the results to order a certified copy of the microfilmed death record by mail for $5.00 USD (check or money order).

Results Year Age Month Day Name Parish

1956 74 11 8 MACHEN , EVA MELISSA BERNAM Winn Page: 949 Volume: 15

1957 76 5 1 MACHEN, HENRY E Winn Page: 577 Volume: 7

1922 1 11 14 MACHEN , HERMAN LOUIS Winn Page: 12255 Volume: 28

1930 2 MO 1 2 MACHEN , IRMA G Winn Page: 1454 Volume: 3

1956 57 11 2 MACHEN , JEANETTE HODGES Winn Page: 947 Volume: 15

1924 33 8 9 MACHEN , LILLY HOBBY Winn Page: 10876 Volume: 25

1919 39 11 21 MACHEN , ROBERT FRANKLIN Winn Page: 15337 Volume: 34

You can also visit the research library at the Louisiana Archives Building, locate and view the microfilmed record using the volume and page details provided in your results, and then print a copy of the microfilmed record for $0.50 USD.

A bit of advice: some deaths were not recorded even into the 1950s. If someone died, the family and/or neighbors just did what needed doing. They prepared the body and buried them. Nobody notified the local authorities.

My mother was born in 1920. As a teenager, she remembers her neighbor dying. Mother was raised as an only child as her little sister died at age two months.

“Mrs. Johnson had a house full of kids and they were poor people. Papa (my grandfather) drove the twenty miles to town and got lumber and built a casket. Maw (my grandmother) fixed up the insides with fabrics and dressed the body in one of her own dresses and they held the funeral the same day.”

It was the way of county folk.


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    • ken blair profile image

      ken blair 5 years ago

      nice information-packed hub! I'll be following your work.