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Depression of a teenager

Updated on October 6, 2010

I have a 13 year old daughter diagnosed with depression. I think as parents today we need to realize that the pressure out there from peers and society are a lot stronger today. Society is telling them to get ahead of the game and grow up fast. Every where they turn now days the pressure is on from commercials, to games, to the age old peer pressure. I know at 13 hormones are starting to rage and they are  just simply trying to sort out who they are. They are trying to make their  own individual spot in such a huge place. A 13 year old does not want to listen to a parent telling them how things should be or done when they are wanting to be seen as individuals with their own opinions and views. I do not know any 13 year old who doesn't "know everything" already or who WANTS to be sitting with their parent talking of personal on goings and feelings let alone having alone time with the parental figure. Try finding someone who can relate to them on their level, whether it be a psychiatrist, an aunt, a friend, maybe one of your friends. They will come out of this eventually they are just trying to sort some things out , who they are, where they are headed in life, what kind of person they want to be.  It is a confusing time being 13. After all, your not really a kid anymore but your not really an adult either and being 13 is on the lower scale of being a teenager. All we need to do as parents is let them know we are here for them, that we love them, and when they are ready to open up your willing to drop the world for them;  to sit there and listen and be non-judgmental (which is very hard to do). And sometimes the best thing a parent can do is listen and just say " I understand. It will be okay and we will get through this. I will help you we will do this together." There are plenty of resources for psychiatry in teens. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting outside help and/or medication to help ease the process of transitions for your child. Your a better parent for having done so.


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  • mandyf profile image

    mandyf 5 years ago

    The Butterfly project is absolutly beautiful. Thank You for sharing I think my daughter and I will try it out. Also thanks for sharing your insight and being honest about your home life. All mothers tend to be on the bit crazy side However I think even as adults some things are hard to bear. I know I can relate to my daughter a lot. I was still hashing out issues from my childhood when I started having children. not an easy process at all with three kids. Sometimes kids tend to be the parent being emotionally stable for the parent when it should be vice versa. I am glad you have your father to guide you. and regardless of you mother being "crazy" I am sure she loves you she just is not capable of showing it. You are strong and you will surpass this with flying colors and do not worry if you are going to be crazy relax and breath and take things one minute at a time. there are no such things as a completly horrible experience because there is always a lesson learned

  • profile image

    azont 5 years ago

    As a teen myself, and very near your daughters age, I understand the whole "sorting out who you are" thing. I find myself often forgetting how different people are. We all cope differently. I see kids my age all the time talking about how they cut themselves, and you can just see the sadness in there eyes. I always wonder "what could be so bad?" I dont exactly have a perfect life. My mother and aunt are crazy. My mom is an absolute horror to be around, and I sometimes catch myself being overly negitive. Trying to hurt peoples feelings, and I wonder "am I sick too? In ten years, will I be treating my kids like she treats me?" But then there is my dad, who is and will always be my best friend. For the last several years he has been beside me all along. But he is pulling away, and I'm not even close to moving out! But he has taught me well, and I know, and he knows, that I can stand on my own. I have never thought about cutting, nor do I feel depressed. I'm actually really happy, life is a gift, I see no reason to be sad. But this here is my point, not everyone is like me, not everyone can handle it.

    Have you ever heard of the butterfly project? I would just like to share what it is real quick. Its for people who harm themselves. You draw a butterfly where you want to cut yourself, and name it after someone who you care about. If you cut yourself, even if its not on the butterfly, it dies. I draw a butterfly on my hand, not because I cut, but because I believe in the project. I believe this can help :) Great, uh whats it called.... hub? I'm new here lol

  • ramesh kavdia profile image

    ramesh kavdia 6 years ago from India

    sensitive subject with depth.