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Development Dads - Ad Infinitum - Toddler

Updated on January 29, 2016

Ad Infinitum

In Continuum

Before our kids entered kindergarten, the company hired two more developers. Two single guys under the age of twenty five. B. Single now had at least one with whom he could catch a lunch now and then. Within the first month the three recruits stopped hanging out around the watercooler and, obviously, all of us. They just didn't want to hear about the trails and tribulations of getting a kid ready for the big public school world.

In a department meeting one day, one of the new recruits did make what he thought was a jocular comment about parenting. It, however, did not come off the way he thought but instead turned several heads transfixed with acerbic stares. He thought he would be flip when he said, "Let women raise them and men humor them".

He soon adapted his flippancy toward fatherhood, at least in front of us.

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