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Development Dads - Animal Behavior - Toddler

Updated on January 29, 2016

Animal Behavior

Player Reward

In two previous episodes, I commented on Taylor's volleyball experience. How she had to take private lessons to catch up to the girls who had been playing from third grade; and, when she did finally succeed and was ready to play varsity, how she informed us that she's rather be in Latin club than on a volleyball court.

During her private lessons at a volleyball training center, she got along so well with the instructors that they asked her to become an assistant training coach for the fifth and sixth grade girls. She did this for at least three years and was paid handsomely. For each two hour session, she made twenty five dollars.

When the owner of the center found out that Taylor had withdrawn from competition, he immediately called her. We thought that he was going to try to talk her back into playing, but, instead, he offered her more training sessions. She was ecstatic. She loved volleyball and now could participate on her schedule, make money doing it, and, most importantly, train those girls who were starting out as she did. We were pleased that she had made such a favorable impression on those at the center that she became even more in demand as an instructor.

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