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Development Dads - Backpeddling Without A Bike - Prenatal

Updated on January 29, 2016

Backpeddling Without A Bike

Yes, She Exists

Although Sheila is not her name, she is for real. She is now a mother of two, still works the same hours as a developer, still intimidates those men in particular who fail to be politically incorrect, still publicly attacks those who are misogynistic, and her husband still works at home and is a great dad.

Going from the 'Cat Lady' to a mother didn't really effect her personality. We actually didn't know if she became a mother so she could be a part of our nurturing conversations or that she actually wanted to be a mother. No way to tell. It seems she only attends the conversations, one of us remarked, so that she could filter any worthwhile information to her husband.

She also is the best programmer, the most diligent and dependable worker, and she has less code bugs than any one else. Fascinatingly intimidating.

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