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Development Dads - Before During After - Prenatal

Updated on March 30, 2015

Before During After

To Each Her Own

Joy is an avid reader and researcher, so I know she checked out every type of birthing method that was available. Being also pragmatic and data oriented, she chose the method most successful and safeguarded.

Here are some birthing alternatives and nuances that women have utilized:

  • WaterBirthing - your labor and/or delivery occurs in a birth pool filled with warm water. Some hospitals and birthing centers provide this method. Doctors and Nurse-Midwives, and Midwives have helped women through this method. To us, however, there were too many risks, too many precautions, and too many qualifications to be an ideal candidate for us to go there.
  • HypnoBirthing - You self-hypnotize into a relaxed state. You are cognizant of what you are doing and the relaxed state spells less pain. This calmer natural method is becoming more and more popular. You can read a book to help you self-hypnotize, or you can hire a hypnotherapist doula to assist. We are in favor of practicing relaxation for everyone involved during this precious time.
  • YogaBirthing - You can learn yogic breathing to help you relax during labor and delivery. Sounds great to us - mother and father. We all need to slow our respirations.
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure Birthing - You can use these methods to reduce pain during labor and delivery. Again sounds good, but the cost for your therapist is on you.
  • Nurse-Midwife / Midwife - We think every woman should have a great doctor and nurse-midwife to be there. Nurse-midwives are Doulas who are trained, certified, degree nurses who specialize in all birthing events before, during, and after.
  • Doula - This person is your birth companion. Some women hire this supporter either before, during, or after. Doulas also have been known to assist fathers and siblings during this time. Although not certified or experienced, I took on this natural role to support, love, care, and maintain a positive, cheerful, and relaxing environment for my wife and daughter.

After all opinions and research concluded, Joy summed it up in a run-on sentence. "While being anxious, frightened, and completely in awe, you have to tell and then force yourself to relax; but, you don't really relax until you realize that if you don't you can stress your baby." Maybe that's the first motherly instinct kicking in.

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    • profile image

      JB 2 years ago

      I honestly found the more my wife researched, the more she stressed. In a society filled with choice paralysis, its no surprise that we've managed to muck up a most fundamental and amazing moment in life by coming up with so many options.