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Development Dads - Clouded Perpetuity - Adult

Updated on March 8, 2015

Clouded Perpetuity

When should your kid be on social media?

When your kid is thirteen years old, s/he can join Facebook, so says the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. I guess thirteen is when kids are supposed to get it, to understand more of the world around them. I'm not sure many adults have reached this pinnacle of understanding, but that's another topic.

There are some age appropriate social media sites such as 'Yoursphere' and 'Fanlala' where you kid can get their feet wet. There is also 'Kuddle' which is similar to 'Instagram' but tailored for kids.

Regardless of the peer pressure Taylor experienced to join social media, we spent the time educating her on what to share with the big bad world. we wanted her to be social savvy not only on media sites but in her everyday life experiences. We spent time with her showing her what is appropriate to post, what could happen if she posted information that could possibly hurt her and jeopardize our privacy, that followers could be of any age, and on and on until she realized that although enjoyable social networking is also serious because there are those who have abused it. We just wanted to make sure that she thought things out before she acted, and if she had any doubts we were there to provide assistance.

When she was ready to get it, we wanted to know that she got it.

Useful For You - Useful To Me

It is very important to me to get feedback; so, if you could interact with an Episode by selecting Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, whether you think the Episode was Useful, Funny, Awesome, Beautiful, or Interesting, and, finally, type in some Comments about what you really think.

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