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Development Dads - Consumer Consignment Report - Prepubescent

Updated on January 29, 2016

Consumer Consignment Report

Look For The Tags

I must admit - Joy is either the 'Consignment Queen' or she's on the court. She has been buying consignment clothes since Taylor was about three. Now the two of them shop consignment and every time they return, I'll hear something like, "Look, this still has the tags on. It's a Ralph Loren for eighty bucks and I got it for ten!" I can't remember a time when Joy didn't buy something that was never worn.

Taylor is very selective, but once in a while she'll find a new sweater or some exercise clothes. I think both of them, however, just love to shop; and, when they find deals, it makes the experience even more rewarding.

I think I have purchased a plant stand and a couple of framed pictures one time. I just wanted the frames for some of Taylor's art work. I have not, however, purchased any clothes.

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