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Development Dads - Disney Complex - Prepubescent

Updated on March 21, 2015

Disney Complex

Is Snow White A Manipulator?

According to Taylor, she is. Taylor watched Pocahontas more times than any Disney cartoon. The only question she asked was, "When she talked to the old woman in the tree, was she just visiting her favorite tree and talking with herself using her imagination?"

Taylor, however, had no misgivings about Snow White. She just didn't go for her. At first I thought, "Taylor, you seem no different than Grumpy, who was "again it"; but, you are not a Grumpy type." So, I was confused. I think maybe Taylor just thought this sympathetic character wanted everyone to feel sorry for her and protect her because she thought she was royal. A pretty little wimp with princess charm and a knack for playing on your emotions? I guess. Taylor also didn't like her naiveté because she was easily tricked into taking a bite of the apple given to her by a haggy stranger. 'Stranger', of course, being the key word there.

In short, Taylor's gutty, pragmatic, and judgmental rationale always seemed to be, "Would I want her to come over for a play date and sleep over?" Pocahontas, yes; Snow White; no.

Useful For You - Useful To me

It is very important to me to get feedback; so, if you could interact with an Episode by selecting Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, whether you think the Episode was Useful, Funny, Awesome, Beautiful, or Interesting, and, finally, type in some Comments about what you really think.

When working with an Episode, here are some tips:

  • You can access an Episode by selecting a link provided in the Select an Episode section on the Development Dads introductory page. Get to this page by clicking this link.
  • You can also access an Episode by clicking on the Randall Frey link to the right of my unfavorable photo.
  • Note that when you are viewing any Episode, you can also select a Previous or Next Episode link at the bottom of the page to display it. To my dismay, sometimes these links appear and some times they don't.
  • To enlarge a cartoon, you will need to change you browser's View | Zoom out setting.


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