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Development Dads - That First Phone Call - Prenatal

Updated on March 7, 2015

That First Phone Call

Butt Down

Just a few days before due date, the doctor said, “If she doesn’t decide to pop her head out before Tuesday, we will induce on Thursday”. So, on Thursday we arrived at the hospital early in the morning for Joy to start the inducement. Pitocin, pitocin, pitocin. We were there all day and well into the evening when, after a warranted probe, the doctor discovered that Taylor was butt down in the canal. Joy was then rushed into surgery and anesthetized to have a cesarean section. I had to sit behind a screen beside her as I listened to the doctors perform the gruesome operation. My job at that time was to talk to her and keep her awake.

All the while I was ready to video and capture my baby being raised above the screen. But, when the doctor raised her, I almost passed out from shock. What I saw was this blue creature with her legs folded up in back of her head. As she was butt down, she was folded in half, for how long, only she knows. When the doctor saw the alarm on my pale and frightened face, he assured me that everything was fine and that the legs will come down. I watched attentively as the doctor took her over to the cleaning station and slowly bent her legs into the normal position.

Within the next few hours, I realized that she had been bent in this position for quite sometime. Her thigh muscles were very defined and, as she laid in her hospital basinette, her knees kept trying to spring back up toward her chin.

This stomach crunch position was at first a little disconcerting; however, when it came time to change her, her posture was bio-architecturally perfect. As soon as you pulled the diaper off, those little legs sprang back making wiping a breeze. Sometimes it was a little difficult to get the legs back down to fasten the diaper, but a little tickling on the tummy made them straighten out long enough to complete the job. In a couple more days, the springing effect subsided.

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