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Development Dads - Insomnia Under Warrantee - Infant

Updated on March 7, 2015

Insomnia Under Warrantee

Security Breach

Our friends, living across the street, told us a cute story about their baby monitor. One evening when they were enjoying a little private time at the kitchen table after putting their six month old to bed, Mom heard some talking coming over the baby monitor. They both jumped up and in unison thought, "How could this be?" Dad stayed by the monitor as Mom ran up to her room to only find her fast asleep. When she returned to the kitchen, Dad was leaning over the monitor and was chuckling to himself. As Mom approached, she could hear the baby-talk voice of a parent coming over their monitor. As they listened, they soon figured out that the parents in the next house were talking with their two year old. They bought a different monitor the next day.

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