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Development Dads - The Big Bang - Infant

Updated on March 7, 2015

The Big Bang

Horrendously Humorous

So, this actually happened to us while we were visiting my sister in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The first morning of our visit, we were planning to take Taylor to the planetarium but were worried that she hadn't had a movement for three days. Taylor was about six months old.

In the middle of the star show and out of the darkness, this horrendous aroma started drifting from the stroller/pumpkin seat and then exploding into the arena. We hurried Taylor out and straight to the ladies restroom. There wasn’t a changing table, but there was a window ledge wide enough for us to work. When we pulled up her messy dress, saturation had advanced up her belly and back. We worked furiously for at least fifteen minutes while turning three women away from the rest room. We used all of our wipees and all the paper towels available. Because Taylor was so relieved, she got the giggles and then, within seconds, it became contagious. We, also relieved, just couldn't help it as the giggles turned to uncontrollable slapstick laugher.

Luckily we did have a change of clothes, and we didn't bother saving the dress. We also didn’t return to the show.

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