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Development Dads - Constrained, Restrained yet Entertained? - Infant

Updated on September 30, 2015

Constrained, Restrained yet Entertained?

The Cat House or the Reptile House

When Taylor was in Daisies, the group leader of twelve girls scheduled an overnight outing at the zoo. It started on a hot and humid Friday evening after the zoo closed to the public and was supposed to end at nine o'clock Saturday morning. For the most part, it was a father and daughter event because it was pretty much a camp out.

That evening, the keepers provided a film presentation of the duties they performed on a daily basis. The best part for the girls was when they showed how they cared for and fed the infant gorilla and elephant. Then they took us to them and the girls got to watch these events live. Later on we had pizza and refreshments and then were free to tour the insect and reptile house; which, of course, did not appeal to most of the girls but they went anyway just to demonstrate how disgusted they were.

That night we bedded down in sleeping bags in the building adjoining the cat house. It was stifling in the large room so one of the keepers cranked up the AC. Within minutes, however, the aroma from the cat house started filtering in. After a half hour of that, we unanimously decided that we either had to be moved or we were all headed home. The head keeper told us that the only other place we could bed down was the floor of the reptile house. The girls quickly and adamantly made that decision for us.

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