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Development Dads - Double Dribble - Infant

Updated on March 7, 2015

Double Dribble

Denouement? Your Call

One day one of the fathers at the company told several of us a story about his mother-in-law, and, pretty much to the man, we chuckled.

The mother-in-law background was basically that she was a criticizing controller and too often acted like their child was her child.

On one evening when she dropped over to their home, it just so happened that the baby was a little under the weather. Of course, she was overly concerned and insisted that she diagnose the baby even though both parents warned her that he was only experiencing a little nausea. But undeterred she scooped up the baby in her arms from the crib for her examination. As soon as she touched his cheek to see if he had a temperature, he projectile vomited in her face and all over her chest.

She quickly relinquished the baby to the father and directed her daughter to help her with clean up. When she was out of the nursery and the father placed his son back into the crib, he leaned over, winked at his son, and quietly said, "Well done, my son, well done."

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