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Development Dads - Gilded Guilt - Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

Gilded Guilt

Tracking: On

With nine babies being born in a nine month period, inter-office emails became insane, flex hours were definitely being implemented, and meeting schedules were constantly being revised. On top of that, eight wives of these fathers also were full-time employed so day care events were also added to the mix. The first thing everyone did every morning was check their emails to see what was going with whom and who was available, but that tactic still wasn't a catch all. On any given day, one or more fathers were communicating that they were either on their way to take their child to the pediatrician, working at home for a few hours, taking a longer lunch, coming in late, or leaving early. It was maddening but completely acceptable and everyone was empathetic. Even if you were working late in the evening, you would still see emails flowing among developers trying to catch up with that day's work.

However, we soon found ourselves spending too much time in tracking mode. So, our insightful office manager took the initiative and saved the day when she purchased a white board. Every morning she posted who would be in, when they would be in, when they would be leaving, and how and when they could be contacted. Then she would send out an email to all employees with the results. She was so successful and we became so dependent on her that she was given a raise within the week, probably to ensure that her activities would continue.

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