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Development Dads - Rambunctiousness - Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015


Yes, he really had a ferret

As I explained before, the B. Single character personifies a developer named Ross; and, yes, he really did have a ferret named Fred.

Ross probably related almost as many stories about Fred as we did about our kids. At lunch one day, several of us visited his apartment to actually see this little creature. During the day - all seasons, Fred hung out on a screened in balcony. Ross had constructed a climbing tree from floor to ceiling. On one limb close to the ceiling, Ross built a little wooden house for him. In one corner there was also an enclosed litter box that Fred religiously used. There were 6 inch by 3 feet long PVC pipes all over the floor so Fred could further explore, and there were softballs all over. Fred loved to jump from ball to ball and roll around with them. He entertained us for a half an hour. He was actually very cute and full of mischievous energy.

When Ross came home from work, he would let Fred in the apartment and, believe it or not, Fred was well behaved. They ate dinner together; and, when Ross watched TV; Fred, laid on his back beside him on the sofa and played with a tennis ball. At night, Fred slept in Ross's sock drawer. They were buddies. Ross graduated from Ohio State, and, of course, during Buckeye games Fred wore a knitted Ohio Sate body sweater. Ross let him drink one shot of beer during the game - probably so he wouldn't mind wearing the sweater.

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