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Development Dads - Once A Mother/Father / Always A Mom/Dad? - Adult

Updated on March 8, 2015

Once A Mother/Father, Always A Mom/Dad?

Cutting The Apron Strings?

So, go ahead and google this one and you might be astonished. Not only is it prevalent for men to call their wives 'Mom' or 'Mother' when they are alone, it is also common for Women to call their husbands 'Dad' or 'Father'! Go figure.

Some psychologists say this is more common for men because they are unable to sever their mother's apron strings; therefore, their wives inherit a double role. So I guess this would transversely apply to women. But then there are other psychologists who just say that it is habit and means nothing.

When googling this topic and reading some blogs, it was fascinating to see that some women absolutely hated it when their husbands called them 'Mom' and, then again, others thought it was adorable. Even more fascinating was that the vast majority of blogs came from women and very few came from men; and, when men did comment, the overwhelming responses were that they didn't notice or they thought it was cool. I never did find a male comment that strongly opposed.

What do you think, Mom and/or Dad?

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